Saturday, 23 April 2016

What kind of siblings do you have?

Wonder how my poor aged father would feel if he knew that out of his six children, only one thought he was worthy of sending to a hospital for treatment when he was ill  ...

And yes, it's about the money.

One said,"I knew I couldn't afford it, that's why I suggested sending him to a government hospital." even when the doctor at the government hospital was unsure if he could do it.

Another said,"I am not the one who wanted to send him in and out of the hospital! Not my problem."

Yet another said,"Why need to go A&E again? Anyway, the doctor at the government hospital don't know how to treat him (so no need to send him anywhere)."

The rest ask for the amount $3288 to be split among 6 people, knowing that at least one of them will not pay. And no one wants to be the one who sends out the cheque.

Yes, they are waiting for me to do it.

Because I was the one who wanted to send my father to the hospital.

Because I am the richest, even though I am not working, and can afford a few branded bags, travelling and a Pandora bracelet for my daughter's birthday gift.

Doesn't matter the rest have full-scale reno for their flats (which I don't) and cars (which I don't) and travel without our parents.

I earn the most, so I should pay the most - that seems to be the suggested motivation for me to be the one paying the bulk.

I find my siblings pathetic, to say the least.

Their arguments reek of jealousy and inferiority complex.

What has what I have, or what I can afford, or what I earn got to do with my father's hospitalisation bill?

Is he not OUR father?

Was he not a responsible father who tried to give us everything he could?

I am simply disappointed with my siblings.

When I watched those cheesy local drama serials about siblings pushing their parents' hospitalisation or medical bills to one another, I thought that was an exaggeration.

I thought: that will never happen to us.

What a joke.

It happened. And so badly at that. It's even worse than what the TV had portrayed.

It's not as if I am not paying more than I should. I did not ask for a single cent when I spent a thousand dollars to rectify my father's cataract surgery.

Neither did I ask for reimbursements when I spent more than a thousand dollars on a private specialist for my father's Lupus.

I did not, because we are siblings. And I did not want to burden them further with additional medical expenses.

But this is SGH.

This is the hospital that they claim we should send him to as it is affordable. And it is affordable if everybody does his or her part and chip in.

But everybody keeps quiet when it comes to the bill, even when I asked to split among 5 people, since my elder sister is not able to pay without an income.

I am very disappointed.

I really am.


Anonymous said...


Its spring.

Such things are normal..... If you work in a law firm you will see lots of this.

Rain said...

Thanks, Spring.

Really? I'd always thought it only happens on TV and TV tends to exaggerate.