Monday, 29 December 2008

Milk Pumping

After diligently pumping for 2 weeks, my milk supply has increased from 5 - 10 ml to 40 ml. :) It's very encouraging indeed. Although the nipples are no longer squirting like crazy, as per when I first started pumping, I'm quite happy with the amount and I believe it'll continue to increase.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

On fully pumping

I chanced upon this thread which led me to Ameda's website for mummies who pump exclusively. Very useful I must say:

It states how to bring in and maintain full milk supply with pumping, and how to wean from pumping gradually instead of abruptly which might cause mastitis and infections. Impressive.

I get abit worried when I read about the part on getting a good flange fit. I wonder if my right breastshield is ill-fitting 'cos it does feel like there's some rubbing. Could this be the reason that cause me recurrence of infections - due to breakage of skin?

Monday, 15 December 2008

His sms

William smsed me this while I was at church:

"The most important reason why I insisted on having the baby is to prevent you from going through the ordeal of an abortion. I know you well. If you've to go through it, you'll have even more nightmares and you'll be thinking you've killed a baby for your whole life. I know it's going to cost money but I'd rather spend more than see you suffer. I still love you alot."

Upon reading it, tears welled up in my eyes.

He's right.

We've been fighting alot over the baby's expenses. He feels he's been spending on the baby and I haven't contributing at all, but I think I'm the one footing bills for Coco and so I shouldn't be required to spend money on the baby too. We've been hurting each other. I kept saying things like "I already warned you that a baby is expensive but you insisted on having her." In my heart of hearts, I know I wouldn't have the heart to abort the baby, but I just wanted to hurt him back using words on hindsight. It's too late not to have the baby anyway, so I could say anything I want.

Yesterday, he washed the baby's clothes, folded them and put them in the drawers, and changed the bedsheet.

All is forgiven. At least for now.

Breast pumping

I finally decided to make my purchase of Medela Pump In Style Advance, after looking at how my little one suffered while she pooed. She pushed so hard she had perspiration beads on her forehead and philtrum (the vertical lines between the nose and the upper lip). And I think she was scared. She cried and looked panicky when the stool was stuck in her anus. Poor baby!

But after close to 10 days of not pumping, due to the recurrence of mastitis, the milk supply was running really low. It couldn't even cover the base of the pumping bottles - about 5 to 10 ml each time. It's a good thing I bought a bottle of Greenlife fenugreek seeds from the pharmacy. I kept at pumping between 2.5 h to 3 h until I fell asleep last night. Then I woke up to pump at 6.45 am this morning again. It seems to have increased a little bit, maybe by about 5 ml. I'm praying that the milk supply will up again.

Medela Pump-In-Style Advance is really good. I actually look forward to pumping now. If only someone told me that pumping is not supposed to be painful. With my previous pump, I always retrieved the pump with trepidation. Perhaps it's only me because I know of quite a few others (colleagues and friends) who use Mini Electric Plus, but none of them complain of pain. And it's my nipples which took turn to be painful.