Saturday, 18 February 2012

Dreaming of a new camera

A new Nikon camera, D800, is announced - at USD2, 999.

Yes, it tugs at my heartstring.

I have been contemplating jumping ship to Canon because of the horrible after-sales service (or the lack of it) from Nikon.

Nikon products are good no doubt. But the after-sales sucks. They find all sorts of excuse not to do anything to your lens when they are problematic, probably because they don't know how to fix them in the first place. Then when you insist, they want to calibrate your camera to fit the problematic lens!

From others, I have heard a few stories of how their cameras were giving them problems, and when Nikon finally caved in to agreeing to repair the cameras, they charged exorbitant prices to make you back off!

What after-sales is that?

Apart from the absence of after-sales support, Nikon cameras are heavier than Canon's.

And the colour rendition from Canon appears to be softer and that adds a whimsical feel to the pictures.

It's a tough decision because cameras and lens are not cheap.

Once I buy into a full-frame, it would be harder than ever to make the switch.

But the new D800 looks very good. Weight is still an issue for me though.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

The gambler lost, again

Last night, Baby was playing with his handphone.

For some reason, I took the phone, and fiddled with it.

He deletes all his messages each time he smses, but one was probably too recent to be deleted.

It read: Man city win league 1.7

I felt like a lost gambler, for the umpteenth time in this marriage.

I just paid $8k to clear his Standard Chartered Bank loan in December, thinking that he seemed to be more committed to the family now.

My sisters asked me not to. 'A leopard cannot change its spots,' they said.

What can I say? They are right.

I could have used this $8k to do up the study, or to get myself a new camera system.