Thursday, 23 August 2018


My last post was penned purely out of anger.

Basically, what happened was that last August, I signed Coco up for a tuition class which I paid $8450 via bank transfer as the term fees.

However, almost as usual, Coco decided to stop going for the tuition after a few sessions as she felt that it was ineffective.

The trial lesson had the tutor himself teaching her, one-on-one, and showing her 'short-cuts' and 'his own methods'. However, Coco said that she was left to her own devices during the actual lesson. She was given a set of worksheets to do on her own, raising her hand to ask a roaming tutor if she had any questions. After a few similar sessions, she felt that it was no different from her studying on her own.

At my end, I felt that Coco chose to skip the lessons herself, so it was not entirely the tutor's fault. However, I did feel the pinch that I paid so much for her to attend just under 4 or 5 lessons. I was hoping that the tutor would be kind enough to offer to refund me the amount Coco did not attend lessons for, but of course, based on what Coco told me about what the tutor vengefully said about a disgruntled parent at his centre, I knew he would not.

It weighed heavily on my heart all this time.

I decided to seek help from CASE after a few months.  To my dismay, CASE rejected my case at first as I was not able to produce any receipt.

Last month, I asked William to help me with this problem.

He stupidly trusted the 'friend' whom I had more appropriately called a 'bitch' in my previous post and told her what happened.

She immediately dismissed what he said in totality and accused me of lying, questioning why I would only ask for a refund after so long, and rubbished my claim of $8450 as the fees. She said it was not so expensive! 

Well, as a 'friend', William asked her,"Then how much is it?" Guess what, the bitch refused to tell him the amount she paid! You know how it was like when your low-eq classmate asked you how many marks you got for your test and refused to tell you after you had told him? And I thought we were all consumers. Since you accused me of lying, then why couldn't you share what your fees were? It baffles me what kind of person she is.

And that's not all.

She immediately went to tell the tutor all that William told her, putting him on high alert.

He even asked her to pass the message that he would be happy that we lodged a police report against him since the police would use the lie detector on me!

I was shocked. When did we say we would report the case to the police?

And to think the bitch accused me of lying.

Anyone who reads my blog and has any bit of perceptiveness would probably be able to tell that I am clumsy at lying. To think she claimed she read ALL of my blog and knows nothing about me. So the purpose of reading my blog was to find ammunition against me? That's totally uncalled for. Plain stupidity. I am not worth your time and effort, bitch!

Anyway, William got me to get my bank transaction for last August out from the bank and we used that as proof of receipt at CASE. This time, CASE accepted my complaint. 

The case was resolved a few days after. I was not expecting the tutor to refund me the whole amount given my understanding, however superficial, of him. But I was just glad that the pinch that had been weighing on my heart for almost a year was gone. 

I was sharing with a close friend about what the bitch did to me. She was equally puzzled. Women our age should be very comfortable in our own skin and who we are. Why would any woman in her forties be talking about whether she or anyone that age is attractive? What is attractive about a woman in her forties ought to be her grace and her wisdom, not outer appearance anymore. What outer appearance can a creature with sagging skin, fine lines and eyebags have?

I am not filthy rich like her. In fact, I am of quite a low SES compared to many my age. I don't have a lot of things my peers have. I worry about my retirement and a lot of other things related to finances. But I have no complaints. This is my life. I am assured about myself. Oh, why then would I go for fillers, right? It's for myself. While I still can, I hope to grab that last bit of youth before it fades off. I will have many remaining years to stare at sagged skin, eyebags and all.

I will continue to blog. And as far as I can, I will keep my blog public. Haters will always be haters. Hate what? I really have no idea. Enlighten me if anyone has any idea.