Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Love of Flying

Sometimes, I think I actually like being on a plane more than the trip itself.

I am looking through Zuji recently. I am really tempted by the cheap flight offered by Malaysia Airlines. Whoever pays less than $500 to Tokyo?

Of course, nobody is supportive of the idea, except my elder sister.

My fifth sister and William think that the airline is unsafe as the the cause for the missing MH370 is still undetermined. "If it is terrorism, it is very dangerous. We won't know when it will strike again. You won't know if the pilot who flies your plane is a terrorist, or if he decides to commit suicide!""If MH370 had been faulty due to a lack of technical diligence, what makes you think that the plane you take is going to be in tip-top condition?"

I had taken a Malaysian flight to China. I didn't remember it being uncomfortable.

I started to think about my flight experiences. I liked even something as mundane as the checking-in. I like the wait for the flight. I like the walk towards the cabin. I like the friendly smiles on the air-stewardesses' faces. I like the food served, most of the time. I even like the toilet! I like the window seat. I like the little surprises I get on the plane. I like to be 'surprised' that I get to have a blanket on a plane even! Perhaps it makes me feel 'special' to be treated politely and nicely, even though I only paid for an economy seat ticket.

I really like flight experiences. Just about everything, except the boredom from sitting for too long, and budget airlines.

Malaysian flight to-and-fro China

Etihad economy cabin

Thai Airway food

Friday, 18 April 2014

The Exhausted Me

I have been unwell. 'Unwell' because I do not know what is wrong with myself.

For about 2 weeks, poor appetite is the story of my life.

At first, I was quite pleased. Pleased, because I got to tip the scale at the lighter end. I would go without food from morning to late afternoon. And I would be too full for dinner. So I would go to sleep without dinner.

Then I realised that I didn't even want to eat my favourite chicken rice anymore. I tried to think about the food I love, and I realised I didn't even feel hungry for them.

Then I feel exhausted every day.

I could not wake up to take Baby to school this week. I felt extremely tired even after I had woken up. Thankfully, William seemed to be understanding towards my exhaustion and took Baby to school on his own accord.

I went to see a doctor last Friday. I told him I had been exhausted, and had headache on some days. He immediately said that it sounded like I was stressed.

I was a little surprised as I didn't think I was stressed. Although lesson observation and book-checking are coming up, I have never considered them as stress-inducers.

So I went on to describe what I had felt: shortness of breath and not feeling hungry even when I went without food for two meals.

He was sure it was stress.

I was not convinced, but had to make do with his diagnosis.

A week later, I still feel exhausted and not excited about food. And worse, I have difficulty in breathing when I lie down flat. I googled it and read that it was a common symptom of heart failure!

So I went to see my very trusted doctor who had been accurate in administering the right medicines so far.

Unfortunately, he appeared to have the same diagnosis: I am stressed.

I told him these are physical sensations, not anything mental. And he said,"Yes, I know you are FEELING it."

I felt so helpless and exasperated that the doctor did not believe me.

Although he diagnosed that I have inflammation of small intestines, leading to my feeling sian, and thus exhaustion, I am still not convinced that I am under stress.

When I got home at 10.30am, I fell asleep immediately, only to be waken up by a call 45 minutes later.

At 3.50pm, I fell asleep again and woke up less than an hour later, again.

I can only hope that the exhaustion leaves me real soon.