Sunday, 9 December 2012

Pay the Price for Blogging

I had not been able to post any pictures because apparently, I had used up the "free 1 GB storage" provided by blogger.

Whenever I tried to post an image, a message that reads:

"Whoops! You are out of space. You are currently using 100% of your 1 GB quota for photos. Upgrade storage."

It seems that the photos I post on blogger are stored in a Picasa Web Album. So I went to the Web Album, and deleted some of my photos, thinking that that would free the space up. Surprise, surprise - the photos on my blog got deleted too!

After a lot of emotional and mental struggles, and the attempt to open another blog dedicated to travelling (since the bulk of the images come from there), I finally decided to just purchase the additional storage space for USD 2.45 per month for 25 GB. Sigh! Who says money can't buy happiness? When even $3 is a consideration ('What if I stop working and have problems with the subscription? What if something happens and I need that $3 per month?"), it's misery.

Feel so cheated by blogger lah. I don't remember reading anything about pictures posted having limited storage space and you need to buy the space if it runs out.


Karmeleon said...

I use Flickr to store my pics

Rain said...

Thanks, Karmeleon,

I don't save my pics on any web album, but I think blogger stores the pics automatically in picasa web album when I post them up. It sounds like I don't have a choice in choosing the web albums.