Friday, 9 October 2015

Hardly The Anti:dote for A Great Tea at Fairmont

After seeing the dainty and pretty chest of drawer presentation on various websites, I had always wanted to try The Anti:dote out.

The items looked aplenty, varied colourful and appetising, and I could not wait to pull out the drawers for myself to see what surprises await.

So I took Coco and Baby for a tea on a weekend afternoon.

The service was by far the lousiest.

We were guided to a seat and waited for 15 minutes in vain. Nobody asked us what tea we would like.

I got up from my seat and walked over to a lady at the entrance and asked nicely,"Do we have to get the food ourselves?"

Of course we didn't.

Then the service started on a 'Play' mode.
We were served an egg container with two sticks of bread. 
Runny egg with truffle

I quite liked the taste. The truffle was not overpowering like most truffle-accompanied food. 
After that, we were served the chest of drawers.
It was a pretty sight with the sweets on the mirrored top tier 
and the savouries in the drawer tiers. 

The items look better than they taste.
The waitress actually said the 'towels' were in the bottom tier! 
We opened the 'towels' to wipe our lips just to find plain and raisin scones inside! 

The third drawer hid the clotted cream and jams and some cookies for us to take home. 
Apparently, the clotted cream was too little for us.

Food was mediocre. Service was terrible. Knowledge of waitress was terrible. 

Price was $45++ per adult. I believe child's price was half that of the adult's.

I'll place this under: might go back when I have forgotten that the food was plain ordinary and the service sucked.

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