Monday, 21 March 2016

Too Much Coffee for a Sprain

I was having my leisure breakfast at a Starbucks joint last Saturday, eating the recommended Rosemary Chicken with Cheese Croissant and sipping my favourite hot Cuppaccino - only because a breakfast set cost $6.90 compared to a cup of Cuppaccino that already cost $6 itself. Not fantastic, so I left the croissant half eaten.

Then the unexpected came.

I had a stomachache.

I hadn't had a stomachache right after I sipped a Cuppa ever since I switched to Starbucks from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

Die liao. I am not familiar with the place and I would need to find a toilet quick!

As I lifted my leg out of the joint while pushing the door out, I jolted down a step and a sharp pain shot through my right ankle.

It's my old sprain! And I have done it again! Darn that drop-down!

The shock of the sprain must have done something to my stomachache. It was gone in that second when I had to deal with a greater pain.

I limped away to cut short my embarrassment.

After some slow walk, the ankle pain was gone. I had thought all was well. Until I got home.

The pain seemed to intensify as the hours passed, till I felt I really could not bear any weight on my ankle.

I read up the internet and did the RICE thing, in particular, icing the sprain. It helped with the pain.

My little helper busied herself running to and climbing up the freezer to get me the frozen cold packs interchangeably and placing them nicely on my ankle. Not once did she complain too!

She must have been tired out though. She fell asleep at 5pm and did not wake up till the next morning at 8am!

After a day, the pain was almost gone and I could walk with a stick. When her sister returned, my little helper said this to ensure her sister hear it,"Mum sprained her ankle! Mum sprained her ankle! Mum sprained her ankle!" but apparently, the sister did not pay heed to that.

By Day Two, which is today, I can bear a little weight on the ankle.

Hope it recovers fully, quickly!

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