Tuesday, 10 May 2016

I am a Mille Crepe Fan

Ever since I had first tried the thin, spongy, light creamy goodness of a Mille Crepe Cake in Tokyo Disneyland, I had been reminiscing the delightful taste of the meticulously-created pastry in my dream.

Then one day, when I was walking down Orchard Central, I could not believe my eyes when I saw a picture of the cake of my dream on a digital poster.

I told myself I must try it. Some time.

So when I chanced upon Lady M's Jurong outlet at Westgate Mall, I decided to get an Earl Grey Mille Crepe for myself.

But as you can see, I ended up getting all three available flavours when I found it painful to decide which one I should get.

Earl Grey Mille Crepes ($9.50)
I am an Earl Grey tea drinker whenever I go for an afternoon tea but I have to say Earl Grey on cakes is not the greatest thing on earth. 
The tea scent is too heavy on a cake and soon I found myself not yearning for more.
Green Tea Mille Crepes ($9)
I had read a favourable review on this cake and thought it was quite justified. 
I don't fancy green tea but the tea flavour on this slice was light and fine.

Signature Mille Crepes ($9)
I decided to save the safest bet for the last after my disappointing tasting of the Earl Grey slice.
This was safe enough. Not as soft and spongy as what I had in Disneyland but a supposedly typical vanilla mille crepe cake.

The mille crepe cakes at Lady M are all layered with 'no less than' twenty paper-thin crepes and what tastes like flavoured fresh cream.

They did help alleviate my pining for the mille crepe cake at Disneyland a lot. Like what my eldest aunt said,"When you like to eat something, eat lots of it so that you won't miss it when you need to part with it."

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