Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Australians Suck Big Time

I have difficulties posting about my Australia trip because basically it was not an exactly very happy trip.

I will try to do it for memory's sake but I didn't have fantastic recall about it so I was quite demotivated to continue blogging about it.

Basically, the people there suck.

Yes, you read me right: Australians suck.

Australia is like a western China, with its locals boorish and all. I don't know what's the big deal about immigrating there. As far as we had experienced, while the landscape was awesome, the people were bitter, rude and boorish - which reminded Coco and me of a milder version of Londoners.

They appeared to be very 'under-travelled' - if there is such a term. They think all Chinese or Asians hail from only one place. They think that all Chinese can't wait to suck up to them. It's very telling from the way they treat you. Just one moment ago, the counter staff was just very polite and respectful to the locals right in front of you. The moment he sees you, he taps his pen on the counter and asks,"What do you want?" When you say,"Do you have a chocolate croissant?" He goes,"Huh?" When you repeat it, he says,"Huh?" again like he was deaf. Then you repeat it with a poker face and he chuckles aloud,"Oh, I thought you said 'schnitzel'!"

Yeah right, idiot.

So, no thanks to such bad service.

Quite a few similar bad experiences for my sister and Coco too, when we were alone in our communication with them.

I'll try to recall the trip and post the pics soon though. Meanwhile, let me do up my wonderful Italy posts :)

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