Saturday, 16 April 2011

I want to go

I am very pissed off (first time I use this phrase I believe, which explains the 'pissed-offness') with my racial discriminating workplace.

I was having a meeting with the level representative of English when I realised that she was doing what I was doing last year, minus probably 3/4 of what I was doing, and still getting help from a relief teacher. I am very angry because they would not have let me off by letting me do so little work.

What cheesed me off is that this rep is a senior colleague who receives extra allowance and high pay for her years of experience in this job.

The things she need not do:

1) Prepare lesson plans, the accompanying powerpoint slides and resources for at least 2 lessons every week.
2) Prepare supplementary lesson plans and, the accompanying powerpoint slides and resources
3) Prepare answer keys for every practice paper and revision paper given out to the teachers
4) Collate pertinent components from other school papers to roll out as focused practices and prepare their answer keys

She only needs to do:
1) Prepare a general overview plan of what teachers have to cover for the term (which I did way before terms started)
2) Select appropriate worksheets so that teachers don't have too much to do (which I did anyway)
3) Send worksheets and papers for printing (which I do all the time) which she delegates to a relief teacher

So technically, she only needed to do 2 things out of the many things I did, just because she is a good friend and of the same race as the Head.

And that bitch tried so hard to give me a D when I had worked my ass off doing more than 2 persons' jobs.

The only word that came to my mind was the F word - you cannot imagine how injustified I felt for those few hours when I first realised it. I know people politics in inevitable in every line and every place, but being treated badly and character-assassinated for the sake of giving you a D for all the work you have done just because you are a minority in that place suck like nothing else.

It's 4.30am.

I woke up because I slept early - before 9pm. I was tired from the 10-hour day in school. I felt like crying but there was no tears.

What happened in that 10 hours of my life:

7.10am - 7.30am: Reached school, finished up a very important online survey required by the Second Boss, morning assembly

7.30am - 8am: Checked email, emailed colleagues on how to conduct a training session for their charges, marked Spelling worksheets, got ready for English lesson

8am - 9am: English lessons

9am - 11am: Went to 2 classes to collect a consent form given out for a training session. Got down to do lesson plan, found online powerpoint slides, created worksheet and pre- and post-test worksheet, found many pictures on Fungi and Bacteria and adjusted their sizes on Word document for Monday's remedial class.

Had a luxurious 20-minute lunch.

11am - 12pm: Observed and gave written feedback about a trainee's lesson

12pm - 12.30pm: Started to print the pictures for Monday's remedial lesson and stood at the imbecile printer to press the stupid 'print' button and helped the machine to push in the papers one by one in an attempt to print 32 pieces of picture-filled papers. Halfway through the idiotic printing, ran down to office to get laminating pouches for the pictures. Started to laminate pictures as the printing continued.

12.30pm - 1pm: Lesson time

1pm - 1.50pm: Collected student-made toys from students and checked the accompanying forms submitted for a competition. Helped fill in the teacher-in-charge's name and email address and school number. Helped the children to think of the working principles behind these toys to make them valid for the competition. Helped a child to pen down the process of making the toy. Put the toys in a room allocated for the toys.

1.50pm - 2.30pm: English meeting where I found out all about the shit

2.30pm - 5.10pm: Vetted English papers (to be continued on Monday 4pm)

5.10pm - 5.35pm: Continued to print and laminate the pictures.

5.35pm: Bring the laminated pictures home to cut.

See? Practically no rest time. It's one rush after next. True, we don't do the same thing every day, but we have other things to do that take up the same kind of time on a typical day.

Oh, this sort of crazy agenda is only for the ordinary small fry, not the senior ones or the Heads.

If I can see myself holding out till the end of the year, I'll probably ask for a transfer.

Just read on the private forum for teachers that someone is looking for a good place to mark books on afternoons.

I am so very tempted to pm the person where he or she works at, because going off in the afternoon is so rare now ...

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