Sunday, 27 January 2013

Can't Get Enough of Legoland!

During the two-hour wait at the Singapore Flyer for our first Legoland coach-trip a week before this, I chanced upon an offer on kiasuparents forum:
buy yanyan biscuits at 7-eleven stores to get a free kid's ticket for an adult ticket!

So we saved on a kid's ticket this time round.
Actually, I thought Coco could pass off as an 11-year-old and we could have utilised yet another yanyan biscuit cover but William thought otherwise. In any case, he tried buying a child's ticket for Coco and it went through.

The queue was madness compared to the Tuesday a week ago!
The entrance

Two lego kids trying to get into Legoland. How cute!

This time, we went the opposite direction. The Driving School first!
One for the tod and one for the tween

The queue at the tween's station was estimated to be 60 minutes, but I am quite sure it was well under that.

"Oi, you cut my lane!"

After the cars, we went for the boat

And we saw Diana Ser!
Then it rained (again). So we hid at the 4D Cinema to watch 'Spellbreaker'.
Not very impressed though. I think it's the glasses. And the characters speak gibberish.
They probably have not figured out how Lego characters should speak.
But the kids enjoyed it.
Baby stretched out her hand to try to touch the 4D images!

The rain had not called it a day after the show.
So we dined at the foodcourt next to the movies.

Coco waited out the rain for this.

We waited for the longest time for the Legoland Express

The little pigeons were legoed with such intricacy!
She waited longingly for the train

'Choo choo!'

Rescue Academy

The plane rides broke down at the Airport

The daredevil went for the vertical boat ride again

RM 5 for the drying room

"Mummy, we missed out on the bouncing ride the last time!"
They loved it!

We went on The Tower to catch a bird's eye view of Legoland

Sheltered playground at the Land of Imagination
Lights up at the Mini Land

Exhausted from fun again!

Goodnight, Legoland

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