Tuesday, 15 January 2013

It's the CCA Month!

Coco has been going for the CCA auditions which are held after school.

Every day, she comes back telling me that she wants a certain CCA to be her first choice, and each day, it's a different CCA.

I didn't understand when people on the internet said that in secondary schools, CCAs choose you, not you choose CCAs.

Now it's all becoming clear to me.

First, the girls attend a CCA trial.

The girls would be led as a class during the 3-day orientation to the different CCA stations, which were already set up for the purpose of the CCA trial.

The girls would be asked to try out the CCAs at the stations eg. jump on the trampoline with hands up in the air for Gymnastics CCA, throw a softball for Softball CCA, shoot a basketball at a ring multiple times for Basketball CCA and so on. The seniors and the coach would be there to note down those who seem to display flair or talent in the respective CCAs.

After the trial, if you are interested in a CCA, attend the audition. The panel of judges which consists of mainly the senior students would dish out certain requirements. Theatre CCA, for example, you are required to do a catwalk and strike a pose after you walk to either end of the stage. After that, tell a joke.

If they laugh, you are in. If they don't, they wish you all the best for the other auditions you would attend.

Unlike some girls who are offered every CCA they go for the audition for, Coco has not had much luck in the CCAs that she seems to like.

Just yesterday, she called me and told me that she didn't make it for the second round of a dance CCA, and she asked me if I was disappointed.

I told her that CCA has no bearing on her entry to her would-be Junior College, so it's okay. The most important thing is that she joins something that she likes.

The latest CCA that she had expressed keen interest in is an outdoor CCA.

Hmm ... I have nothing against outdoor CCAs, except that Coco would become darker than she already is. In fact, she told me her classmates thought she is a Malay!

I didn't know that CCA is such a big thing at secondary school level. Prior to this, I had thought that you just join one and be happy. Now it looks like the competition is even down to the CCA level.

The students are guaranteed to get one out of the five CCA options they put down. I am not too sure how it really works though since Coco has already been 'rejected' by some CCAs. Doesn't that mean she has to exclude those CCAs?

The CCA thing seems to mean alot to her. I hope it all works out soon.

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