Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Afternoon Tea at the High Place, Sky on 57

It was a Friday afternoon. Yes, the week before my Tea Lounge tea.

I couldn't decide what I should have: a meal at Table at Pip's, a nice slice of cream crepes at Orchard Central or simply, an afternoon tea.

I called my youngest sister who is currently pregnant and staying home to help me decide.

She called for an afternoon tea and decided on Sky on 57 at Marina Bay Sands, so off we went after my medical check-up.
I don't know who Justin Quek is, but apparently he is the celebrity chef for the afternoon tea and this is his signature foie gras xiao long bao.

I love foie gras but these are bits of foie gras at best and I don't think French goes splendidly well with Chinese.

Another of his signature: a miniature cup of fresh mushroom cappuccino. 
It was okay. It didn't impress me.

The three-tier stand

The chocolate or milo ice-cream looked set to melt very soon so I had to devour it before it did!
In the middle was oyster fritters with fried seaweed
The fritters were fine. No unpleasant oyster smell. 
They were not anything worth shouting about though.

Second tier: creme brulee, egg mayonaise sandwich, crab on bread (?) and beef sandwich (?)

Bottom tier: raisin scone, raspberry cake, coconut sweet/chocolate, sugared dough, white truffle, chocolate cornflakes.
A closer look at most of the items in order

The price for two adults was $78++.

It was nice to spend your 3 to 5.30pm on the highest floor of a hotel, but the food was mediocre.

I didn't have any favourite there.

The white truffle had too strong a truffle smell. 

I had a hard time reconciling serving cornflakes with a high class hotel's afternoon tea.

I didn't think it was value for money. In fact, I thought the tea was overpriced for the items served.
A child's portion would be half of what the tier serves at half the price. 

The afternoon tea seating is in the restaurant. 

The tables at the alfresco area are reserved for lunch and dinner. 

Just as well though. It was quite sunny for an afternoon tea.

We went to the alfresco area for some pictures after the tea. Nice view.

The Garden by the Bay looked miniature from the 57th floor.

Marina Bay is still under construction for some big projects unknown to me.

As we left, we had a peek at the swimmers on the highest floor of Marina Bay Sands.

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