Wednesday, 2 September 2015

In the Spirit of SG50, I Marched On for My Love (of Food) @ Chihuly Lounge, Ritz Carlton

It was fast approaching the SG50 National Day but my craving for afternoon teas grew stronger.

For the teas that I had been to after my first Chihuly Lounge experience, not one - NOT ONE - could compare with it. I had been reminiscing it for a long time, especially when the more I went for afternoon tea, the worse the food became. So all the more I missed my Chihuly Lounge experience.

Never mind that Chihuly Lounge was charging $10 more for their SG50 High Tea Buffet on a Saturday. I must have it!

What was most lovely was: upon hearing that Baby was six years old (and the Lounge started charging Child's price at six), the waitress immediately consulted the person-in-charge, who casually and politely said,"She (Baby) will be our invited guest. Only the adults will be chargeable (haha ... I know what you are thinking)."

I thought that was the most lovely gesture. You are rewarded for being honest about your child's age.

The complimentary watermelon juice was a pretty and refreshing drink, like the passion fruit drink I was served the first time I visited.

I must admit I was disappointed by the 'spread'.
Loads and loads of desserts but nothing much that I had fancied.
We didn't even try this!

Classy-looking Chocolate Cakes that Baby took just a bite of and cringed,"Too sweet!"

Coffee Toffee?

Others that I can't recall

Cheese Cake


Chocolate Puff

Vanilla Creme Brulee

Plain scones


Baked Tomatoes

Turkish Stuffed Chicken Wings

Prawn balls (??)

What was this, man!

Shredded Duck Confit

Spiced Fishcake

Believe it or not, in my humble opinion, this was the best dish.
Yeah, I can almost hear you ("What?!!").

Cheese with Cracker

Smoked Duck (??)

Smoked Salmon, Rocket, in Charcoal Bread

Wagyu Beef Pastrami, Horse Radish

Grilled Eggplant with Gluten Free Bread

Getting more disheartened with afternoon teas than ever ... but in the spirit of an afternoon tea, I must still hold up the fort with a smiling face. At least the service was attentive and fantastic.

Set in a sunlight-flooded relaxing lounge

The food was hardly impressive, but a cute kid's corner was apt in occupying a kid waiting for her father.

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