Saturday, 29 August 2015

Day 10: Flying Back

Our room was just about diagonally opposite of the lift!
And just for the record, 5th floor is the highest floor at Palm & Fountain Hotel.
What I loved about the hotel ...

For a sea view that we could not touch that barely justified the long distance we had to cover (from the lift to the room) at the end of the day, I think next time, I would settle for a no-view.

There is a Lawson, the equivalent of our 7-Eleven store, at the reception level. 
I got our breakfast from there!
For some reason, the Japanese have the softest white bread which makes eating sandwiches lovely. They cut away the crusty sides too! The little things they do that others don't even bother are probably what makes the difference.

The Disney store which I never got to patronise. 
We always went out before it opened and returned after it was closed!

Directly opposite the reception counter is the Guest Services counter where they deal with your luggage and airport bus matters.
The spacious lounge between the two counters

A few school girls saw Baby in her Anna outfit and gushed,"Kawaii, kawaii!" 

In between the hotel guests waiting in line for the Disney Shuttle Bus and the airport bus is the nice hotel concierge guy who guided us to the bus and helped to inform the bus driver that we were the ones going to Narita Airport.

The Japanese provide the top-notch service!
Did I mention that we flew Scoot again?

I explained to Baby what the word on the can meant and she was exhilarated, insisting that it was meant for her!
Hey, the air-stewardess gave it to me!

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