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Day 9: More of DisneySea and a little of DisneyLand

 It was Day 3 at Disney.

We had fallen in love with DisneySea so we decided to return to it for the earlier part of the day and visit Disneyland if we had the time.

 I did a rough plan the night before and looked through the places that we had not visited. Those would be the places we go for first.

Toy Story Mania was the first thing on our mind.

Day 3, a Tuesday, opened at 9am. So we were at the gate before nine.

This time round, no mistake about it. I went for the Fastpass queue while my mother and Baby made a beeline for the 'standby' line. We did this so that after I got the Fastpasses, I could make a big round and come back to Toy Story Mania to join them for the ride.

As I had joined the Fastpass queue right after I entered DisneySea at 9am, the line moved very fast and I soon got my Fastpasses.

I had to endure a few 'Are you trying to jump queue?' stares to get to them though.

We love the mini green dumplings so much we bought 6 of them!
But they proved to be too much for us.
Our seasoned tastebuds now preferred only the vanilla dumplings.

We grabbed our Fastpasses at Mermaid's Theatre and popped over to Lost River Delta.
This is another popular ride but as the crew told me that it was very 'speedy',

Ariel's photo-taking closed at 5pm so Baby was disappointed on Day 1, but we made it a point to go to Ariel's Grotto before 5pm on Day 3!

Tokyo Disneyland and Sea are really particular when it comes to photo-taking by the official photographer.

When I said I wanted a picture of Baby and a picture of three of us together, the crew turned me down, saying that they could not have a repetition of a person in the pictures!

I was quite shocked at this stupid idea. I am going to pay for them, right? Why can't I pay for any configuration of the pictures?

In the end, Baby had her picture on her own and my mother and I took the picture together.

Using my camera, I opted for three of us taking the picture together as at any one time, they would only help you take 1 pathetic picture using your camera.

Baby wanted very much to take this 'little' roller coaster at Flounder's Flying Fish Coaster.
I obliged after about 10 minutes of deliberation.
Thankfully, it didn't slant as badly as I had imagined and ended sooner than I had expected.

Then we proceeded to The Magic Lamp Theater at the Arabian Coast to watch a 3D magic show with the genie as the host on the screen.

Baby enjoyed it very much. She felt that the things on the screen were coming towards her.
It amused her and made her laughed quite a bit.

The Japanese girls seemed to love donning similar costumes or dresses.

Baby was soon hungry for a sausage bun which I hesitated to buy for obvious reasons!

If there was something about the Lost River Delta for the kids ...

it had to be the Character Greeting Trails!
For once, the characters were housed in a fixed place from 9.15am to 9.15pm and if you queue up for them, and just under 30 minutes too, you will surely get a shot by the official photographer!

Except that Mickey, Minnie and Goofy are in jungle outfits!
But no matter. We still love them!

This is the Tower of Terror just beside Toy Story Mania.
While queuing for Toy Story Fastpasses or ride, you can hear the terrifying screams of the visitors at regular intervals.
Of course we didn't try that.

The Venetian Gondolas that we didn't get to ride on as the queue was ridiculous.
The Storm Rider model shown before the actual ride

We watched the much anticipated Mermaid Show at the Mermaid Lagoon Theater.
It was well worth the Fastpasses and the wait.

Despite not understanding the language, we enjoyed the show, out of all the shows, the most.

Little Mermaid was hanging in the mid air above the audience, singing, dancing and doing somersaults away!

If there is any show I would recommend, it is this!

At 7.30pm, we rushed over to Disneyland to do a last-minute visit to Toon Town - the land where you can only find in Tokyo Disneyland.

We took the Roger Rabbit's Car ride.

The crew cautioned my mother against taking it as it would rotate constantly, so my mother opted out of the ride.

We would give it a miss if we ever return to Tokyo Disneyland. It was kind of boring, the illustrations were awful and the laughter was sinister. The ride lasted much longer than we had hoped.

We did another round of shopping at The Grand Emporium, the largest shopping centre in Disneyland, before we made our exit and kissed the Disneyland goodbye.

The Disney Resort Line

 The Fast Passes that we collected over the 3 days of fun!

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