Wednesday, 29 June 2016

My First Taste of Success

I know you are going to point out to me that this number is technically '48', after it has been rounded off to the nearest whole number.

But I am just glad I see a '47' for a change!

For so long, I have been tipping the scale at 48kg, 49kg and occasionally, 50kg! 

In case anyone is curious about what I did to come down to this number, I have been having a cup of Milo and four 鸡蛋糕, 'egg cakes' or as I call it, cupcake-wannabes, once a day, usually at 4.30pm as I watch my Taiwanese drama serial, for three consecutive days.


After that, I have to spend the rest of the day battling with the temptation of glorious food.

(I just realised that 1 egg cake contains 305 calories! Time to change my diet!)

Two nights ago, I had a small Coke at Burger King. 

Lost the battle by a bit. Yes, a bit, because I could have gobbled up a Mushroom Swiss and onion rings or fries and got myself totally defeated.

If you are wondering why I can survive on such little food, I need to qualify that I don't think I have high metabolism rate to start with, even before I started on my Hyperthyroidism medication. I am seldom hungry. I actually feel the hunger pangs once a day, and I feel a sense of fullness at rather little food. 

Taking the egg cakes and Milo in the picture above as reference, I no longer feel hungry after just downing one egg cake and half a cup of Milo. Then why four? Because I love to eat. 

I enjoy food big time! If I have breakfast, it's rarely because I am hungry. It's just because I love food. My breakfast can last me for the whole day actually, but most of the time, I also have lunch, another reason for eating, and dinner because I enjoy eating like a king at dinner! 

So is it miserable for me to eat like that, and once a day at that? Hell yes!

But do I want to see at least a '44' on the scale? Yes! More so!

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