Sunday, 26 June 2016

Roomba and Braava in Action

I have been decluttering the platform of mainly Baby's stuff, especially toys. As it was occupied with too many toys and other items, and thus not fit for human activities, the platform had been a place of neglect. As a result, it became very dusty. The gaps in between the wooden planks were, unfortunately, the perfect places to hide age-old dust.

So I decided to pick out the stubborn dust, paper bits, beads and dirt in the gaps and got Roomba to strut its stuff.

The dust and dirt dug out
I switch Roomba to 'spot' cleaning mode so that it concentrates on the area by circle-cleaning it.

How the area looks after the spot-cleaning
The white spots on the wood are mostly scratches.
 The size of the platform
The collection of dust in Roomba's bin
The actual amount of dust and dirt
The hepa filter traps the finer dust
The amount of fine dust from the hepa filter after tapping it repeatedly on the corners
The 'clean' hepa filter after the tapping

How Braava 380t mops: back and forth in a systematic manner
You don't have to watch the whole two-minute video. Just get an idea of how Braava moves will suffice. You will also know what I mean by 'absolutely quiet at work'. The children playing at the void deck were making a ruckus compared to Braava.

How Braava manoeuvres and fits into a corner
It may seem Braava is not doing a complete job at cleaning the corner here but eventually it returned to clean it quite thoroughly. Unfortunately I had captured that using time-lapse mode below, so it may not look obvious.

A quick look at how Braava cleans the corner and one of the sides
Dirt mopped up by Braava
Quite impressive, I thought, after Roomba had done the vacuuming.

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