Wednesday, 18 July 2018

F You, Bitch!

Have you ever met someone like that?  

You have a problem. She got some of the details. Then for her own interest, she went to mess it up for you. Then when you checked with her exactly what she did, she said she could not tell you. 

I just met a bitch like that today.

Yes, you read that right. A F-ing BITCH.

And that bitch reads my blog, ready to pounce on me anytime. She gets a kick out of using what I post on my blog to hit me below my belt.

She criticised that I spent too much on afternoon teas.

She criticised that I am a lousy mother.

She judged that I am not pretty.

All these - I don't give two hoots, because she is nobody to me.

"Insecure woman," I thought.

She snoops around to fish more information out from my stupid husband, who imagines that she has a crush on him, while she thought she was attractive to him.

Then she uses what she knows about me against me. For what, I don't know. 

Of course I am more attractive, Bitch! What's there to compare? When he comes home to tell me that you told him that men stalk you, I tell him for sure they are some bald-headed, ugly men. 

Did he tell you that?

I have always just dismissed you as a terribly insecure and jealous woman, but today, I see you for who you are: a thorough BITCH.

A bitch who has problems shutting that huge gap in her face.

Thinks lowly of people who blog, yet snoops around on others' blogs to read them.

Pathetic bitch.

Yes. When you are reading this - fuck you, bitch!

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