Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Casa Hotel

The exterior of Casa Hotel
I had chosen this hotel for its location and its price.
Cityview Hotel had become too expensive for us and since Casa Hotel is also near Yau Ma Tei MRT Station, and cheap, I booked it for our stay.

I had read that it was 'very small'. This is not the only hotel that other travellers had said is 'small'. The hotels in Taipei and London had their fair share of 'small' reviews but they were okay for me. So I decided to give it a try.

The moment Coco opened the door, she felt that it had hit something.
When the door was finally opened, we were quite shocked that the room was that small.
This time, the reviews hit the nail.
The bed facing the door was an extra bed for Coco.
These two single beds were for William, Baby and me.
Hard beds.

Where William and Baby were, was the door.
The bathroom was equally tiny.

The bathroom
The shower area was very small. 
When someone showers, the whole bathroom would be wet.

Even the lifts were very small.

The receptionists were not very helpful. Quite cold, in fact. 
The hotel didn't offer cab-booking service. 
You could not even ask the receptionists for directions to tourist attractions.

The only good thing about the hotel was its proximity to Yau Ma Tei MRT Station. 
It was just one or two shops away. Other than that, it really was not fantastic.

Will I stay here again? 

Probably not.


Anonymous said...

May I know whether you spoke Mandarin or English to the receptionists? Becos if its Mandarin, being HKers they would not like it & assume you are from the mainland whom they detest, they probably also have no initiative to check on your nationality by way of your room no.

Rain said...

I can't remember but I thought we spoke English to them when we checked in while at other times, we spoke Mandarin for enquiries.

Thanks for the reminder.