Monday, 9 March 2015

Day 4: Yuk Lok, Snoopy World, Australian Milk Company, Egg Puff & Symphony of Lights

We were at Central for our breakfast.

I was disappointed that Lan Fang Yuen was not open.

So we took a few more steps to have some Tai Cheong egg tarts.

She liked it!

We went up the longest outdoor escalator in the world.

It was fun for the children.
However, it was so long that we had to stop ascending.

After the disappointing dinner at Yung Kee, I hoped to make up for the inferior meal at Yuk Lok.

There was no more roast goose drumstick rice even though we were there at 11am.
We settled for half a goose.

It did not disappoint.
A little shop crowded with patrons in search of succulent goose.

Snoopy World sounded fun for little children

It was a small themed play area for little children.

but I doubt Baby knew who Snoopy or Charlie Brown was.

Like all other good eats, the Snoopy World was extremely crowded with the local children.
I looked up and saw children, older and younger than Baby, jumping queue in front of Baby to play on the slide.
I found it very amusing. 
I imagined Baby having a culture shock on the slide.

When she came down, she said,"I tried to give way to them, but they keep going in front of me, so I pushed to the front and slide down."

The father queued for about an hour for the girls to go on the boat ride.

They enjoyed the short ride.

She was pooped
I would say Snoopy World is not worth going. 
If you are near there, it's fine to drop by; otherwise, don't make a trip there.

We returned to Jordan for our dinner at Australian Milk Company.

Like what others said, service was nil.

Coco was a fan of egg puffs.
The tiny store was opposite the police station but we had to ask our way around to get to it.

After that, we made our way to view the Symphony of Lights
And these were what we saw


A sea of tourists were standing there like fools hoping to see some spectacular musical lights.

Some caucasians walked off within 5 minutes of the 'show'.

After being treated like fools, many, like us, turned around and took pictures of this hotel instead.

Please do not include Symphony of Lights in your itinerary. You are better off playing with torches.

We returned to Mak's Noodles
for something else.

Beef noodles

Pig's trotter noodles

I thought the pig's trotter noodles tasted better than their signature wanton noodles.

There was a market near the shop.
We saw a Mainland Chinese bargaining with a luggage seller.
Suddenly, the seller raised her voice at the buyer. 
Apparently, the buyer wanted a ridiculous price for the luggage.

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