Saturday, 7 March 2015

Day 5: Lan Fang Yuen & Ocean Park

We bought our Ocean Park tickets at the 7-Eleven store below the hotel.

The tickets came in the form of long receipts, unlike the ones we bought (4 years ago) at the ticket booth of Ocean Park.

After that, we proceeded to Central for breakfast at Lan Fang Yuen.

Coco's choice: hotdog in egg wrap

A pineapple bun and their signature stocking tea

The signature pork chop bun
For some reason, it tasted softer 4 years ago.

We alighted at Admiralty MRT Station and boarded the bus 679 to Ocean Park.

Baby and Coco sat on the upper deck while William and I stood downstairs.

When we alight, Coco told me that Baby lost her tiny small toy at one point. Seeing that Coco was looking for something, some kind soul asked her what she was looking for and everybody at the rear of the bus started looking for it too!

A Singaporean father found it and returned to Baby.

I am grateful for the nice people.

A shot at the entrance

Ocean Park MRT was in the pipeline and there were renovation works at the Park.
The entrance was a different one from the one we used last time.

On the cable car 

What we could see off the cable car

Coco's thrill ride

Baby wanted to ride on a roller coaster. 
I was too chicken to try it.

After the ride

At the penguin enclosure

A walrus playing with a water bottle (?)

A roaming car

Coco wanted to take this but I had to say no because we had to meet up with William and Baby.

I would have been scared out of my wits!

We took the Ocean Express down to the ground level for the younger kid's rides. It was crazy crowded in the station. Most of the visitors were Chinese nationals. When the gate to the train opened, it was a mad rush for the train. Baby was bumped to the floor. For fear of her being run over, I squat down by her in case there was a stampede. While William blocked the crowd from stepping on us, I quickly picked Baby up. She was traumatised by the craze and bawled on the train.

Some nice Chinese guy gave up his seat for Baby and I distracted Baby with the images on the ceiling of the Express. She was soon appeased and we continued with our rides.

Hong Kong's Guiness Tower

In the tower

A bird's eye view of the Park

On a ferris wheel

This time, I made it a point to watch a show

It does not look interesting on pictures

but it was impressive when you saw it with your own eyes.

She could not get enough of thrill rides.

After the roller coaster ride

William won a pink bear for Baby by throwing balls into a net.
Happy was she!

A clown to entertain the passers-by

We chanced upon a Doremon house. 
We walked in and took pictures with a live Doremon!

Coco rode on the Frog Hopper with Baby.
They laughed and laughed while it bobbed up and down.

A pretty, mini ferris wheel that we boarded

Coco wanted a plush toy too.

She threw plastic balls onto some rather flat plates and won a large and a medium Doremon!
I had seen people playing the same game earlier on and it was very difficult to have even a ball land on the plates.
Impressive, I must say.

It was nearing Christmas. 
A Santa Claus invited the girls to take picture with him.

They 'must take a picture with the Christmas tree'!

We shopped at the souvenir shop till the sales assistant told us that we were the last customers in the shop!

Happy with her prize

Baby was exhausted after an exciting day and Coco did not wish to step out of the hotel room.

William and I went in search of our supper.
Yes, it's Mak's again.

William chose to have the wanton noodles again although he did not fancy it much.
He just wanted to fill his stomach.

This time, I placed an order for pig's trotter noodles (dry).
It was yummy (for me).

After which we did a flitting window-shopping at Women's Street and bought 7 cards with 3D structures for S$50 which I haven't seen them since!

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