Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Day 6 & 7: Tim Ho Wan, Hello Kitty Cafe, Yuk Lok, The Peak & Star Ferry

It was just about the last day in Hong Kong. We would be flying back early next morning.
So we were back at Sham Shui Po

for Tim Ho Wan again!

Crowded as usual

We ate almost the same thing as we did the first day we were here.

I gave up the idea of going to Hello Kitty restaurant as it was quite out of the way, but there was a Hello Kitty cafe at Sogo.
We saw some tiny doughnuts of different flavours. Of course we had to buy them.

It was actually located in a corner of the supermarket at Sogo.

Lots of yummy-looking pastries
A China lady asked the salesgirl,"When we cut open the apple, will we see a Hello Kitty inside?"
The salesgirl laughed,"No. That would be too high a standard."
We bought 4 macarons and 1 was given to us free.

Happy with their purchase

Outside Times Square

The short ride in a huge bauble was free-of-charge!

I told William that we were at the Orchard Road of Hong Kong.

A sea of people

There was an adoption drive for St Bernards!

William missed the meal at Yuk Lok.

We were there at 5pm, and again, their goose drumstick rice was sold out.

Roast pork and char siew were their signature dishes too!

They were great, but too much for us.

Their wonderful geese

We made our way to The Peak and stopped at a building for our toilet breaks.
As we waited for William, we watched the howling wind bend the tall trees outside the building.

We braved the strong wind and reached The Peak Tram ticket booth.
It was not too bad. We just thought it was rather windy.

I had read that you should never come to The Peak on weekends.
On seeing the crowd, I concluded that it does not make any difference whether you come on a Thursday or Sunday.

But this time round, it was more organised. 
We moved in groups. 
Only one group was allowed to move to the waiting area for the tram at any one time.

On the Tram

It was very cold up there. 
The view was still as stunning as ever, though.

Coco put her head out of the glass barrier to show how strong the wind was.

At alighting

We boarded a bus after alighting the tram to go to the Pier.

Waiting at the pier

Boarding the Star Ferry

On the Ferry

Just a 10-minute ride from Central to Tsim Sha Tsui

We followed the signs to the MRT Station and took a train back.

The next morning, we took a cab to the airport to Scoot off.

Leaving the Hong Kong Airport

In the Business Class seats

Lovely Scoot, hope to board you again!

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