Saturday, 14 March 2015

It could be Hyperthyroidism

I have been losing weight at an amazing rate.

Somewhere in mid January this year, I was shocked to see my weighing scale tipping at 48kg. So I decided to go on a diet, meaning I skipped my dinner. My weight dipped to 47kg one day later. I was satisfied with the result, so I continued to abide by the skip-dinner routine. Within one or two days, I was a 46kg.

My weight continued to dip. By the end of January, I was a 44.9kg. 4 days later, I was a 44kg. 2 and a half weeks later, I saw 43.9kg. 2 days after that, it was 43.3kg. 2 weeks later, I became a 43.1kg.  3 days on, I was a 42.8kg. Today, which is the third day after my last weigh-in, I am a 42.5kg.
Yesterday while talking to my 2 sisters who have Hyperthyroidism, one of them commented that I had lost weight. I replied, as usual, that I had gone on a diet. A vendor and some colleagues had also noticed my weight loss and I gave them the same reply.

My sisters said it could be Hyperthyroidism. They asked me to stretch out my arms and noted that there were tremors in my hands. I asked my mother who was standing next to us to do likewise, and surprisingly, there was no tremor.

They persuaded me to see a doctor.

So I did.

The doctor timed my heart rate and decided that it was too fast. He said that it was likely Hyperthyroidism. I know I have heart palpitations but I had seen a doctor who suspected that I drank too much Coke which contains caffeine. Although my heart still beats very fast, I don't hear loud pounding of my heart when I lie down anymore, so I'd thought it was back to 'normal'.

He drew my blood to send for a blood test. After that, he asked if I often feel hot, which I do all the time. It got so bad that the much-fatter William would say it was cold while I continued to feel hot and needed the fan or air-con to be on full blast.

I had thought it was age when I found it difficult to wake up in the morning this year even when I had enough sleep. 

I have these symptoms so far:
- rapid weight loss
- tremors
- heart palpitation
- feel hot
- fatigue

I would know the answer when the report is back from the lab next week. Meanwhile, the doctor gave me some medicine for heart palpitation.

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