Saturday, 7 March 2015

Day 2: Hong Kong Disneyland II

It was 9am. She had had her bath.
She loved the idea of being a princess so much that she wanted me to dress her up in the same fashion as she had the previous day! I was reluctant at first as it seemed preposterous to be in the same outfit and dress-up for two consecutive days, but of course, who can argue with a princess? I gave in at last.
Our view from the balcony. Oh dear, quite crooked I see.

The hall was all decked up for Christmas.

We made a dash for the Disneyland shuttle bus.

A quick shot at alighting

We got the Disneyland photographer to help us take one pic at the entrance to eliminate the possibility of strangers photo-bombing.

The photographer taking solo shots of Baby.
Instructions must have been given to take more pictures of little girls in princess outfits from Bobbidi Bibbidi Boutique.

We were done with Fantasy Land. So Tomorrow Land it was.
We had our brunch here, a cafeteria at Tomorrow Land.
Char Siew Rice
Fried Rice
... beef noodles?
Out of the blue, William pointed to the floor beside me and started laughing as he said to Baby,"Look! The birds are looking at her!"
I turned and saw a flock of fluffy sparrows looking at me, seemingly to ask for food!
I flung some rice to the floor and true enough, the hungry birds pecked the grains quickly and in a blink of an eye, the rice was gone!
I did the same thing a few times, and each time, the birds finished the rice very quickly.
We thought it was quite fun, until an auntie in the cafeteria uniform hastened towards us and shooed the poor birds away. At the same time, she muttered some Cantonese. William said she was saying,"Don't feed the birds anymore."
We sneaked some rice on the floor when she was not looking, but we were soon found out. We had to stop doing it so as not to incur her wrath.
We went on a ride after our brunch.

William and Coco went on a thrill ride, Starliner Diner. As Baby was not allowed to take the ride, we decided to go on a car ride. To our horror, there was an ultra long queue. So we retreated to the outside of Starliner to wait for them. I got a cotton candy for the little girl in part to keep her occupied.

Needless to say, she enjoyed the candy like she had never before.

We went on the Astro Blasters after the wait.
We went to the Wishing Well to look for the princesses.

While waiting for the princesses, Baby made a wish at the well.
We managed to take a picture with Belle before we went for the parade.
Picture of Belle would be in the collage of all the princesses we took pictures with.
To take a picture with Elsa and Anna, you have to be very early,
so we missed them in real person, but all was not lost. She took a picture with the cardboard version of the girls.
Many had already gathered before the parade started.
While waiting ...
The balloon man as the ''prelude'' - the sale of the balloons was indeed better as he paraded himself before the crowd.

And it began ...
Cinderella first caught sight of Baby in Aurora costume.
She alerted Aurora who looked and waved at Baby eye to eye.

The nice balloon guy obliged every single mother who asked to take a picture of their children with the balloons while he hid behind.
This was the longest queue in the Park!
We took quite a long time to queue for all these princesses. As you can see, it was night time when we took a picture with Snow White.
It was late, but Coco was determined to cover the new rides that did not exist when she was there 4 years ago.
We hurried to Grizzly Gulch.
It was so dark I could not catch a decent picture of the place. Coco went on the rollercoaster over here.
The Mystic Manor was next in line.
At Mystic Manor, we took a ride where you were swung to the different rooms with different effects and animation. I actually enjoyed it.
The last Land that we went to: Toy Story Land.
We went on the Sling Dog, like the one that we did at Disneyland Paris. 
The ticket for the ride was a bone, befitting the name of the ride.
Coco would never missed out on the scariest ride, exactly the same as the one she had ridden on in Paris.
Before we left, Baby pleaded with us to allow her to go on this!
The father braced himself for the parachute ride and came down visibly relieved and proud of himself.

By the time we were done with the rides, it was about 8.30pm.

We walked out to the main store and shopped for the things that we deemed wonderful, after which we took the shuttle bus back to Disneyland Hotel and took a cab to Yau Ma Tei to book in at our hotel in the city.

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