Saturday, 8 October 2016

All in a Day's Catch

Since I have completed the 141 Pokedex for Pokemons that can be found in Singapore, the only mons that I run after now are the rares.

I also help my friend and youngest sister who live in areas that are starved of Pokemons to complete their Pokedex by catching the rares for them.

I saw a Ninetales not too far from my place yesterday and decided to pick it up for my sister. 

It was a difficult catch for her as her trainer level was comparatively low while the Ninetales was a high-CP one. It was only captured after 18 berries and Ultra Balls.

As I was catching it, I noted that there was a notification about Charizard having a time extension in a building a few bus-stops away.

It occurred to me that there was a bus-stop nearby and I decided to go try my luck. If the bus happened to come by, I would have a good chance catching it.

Sure enough. The bus came before I could cross the road, but the nice Indian bus-driver waited for me before he moved off.

As I ran into the compound, a thought that had never crossed my mind struck me,"Am I trespassing?" 

But I quickly dismissed it, telling myself that I would be shooed away if I were and it would be fine for me to go off if it was a mistake on my part.

As the timer started counting down to one minute and thirty seconds, I realised I was moving farther from the Charizard spot. I decided to move nearer to the spot by entering the building since I was already there.

As I walked quickly into the building, some young ladies dashed out from the left door and ran towards a designated spot! "They must be running for Charizard!" I thought, and ran after them.

It turned out that they were running for their company transport after work!

But incidentally, it was the correct place where Charizard was at.


In the evening, I received a Twitter notification that there was a Lapras and Chansey nearby. 

I rushed out immediately and nabbed the pathetic-CP Lapras but missed out on Chansey as she seemed to have been programmed to run away after the first ball.

Before I started catching Chansey, I heard a guy telling his friend,"One ball and it ran away!" 

I decided to use the Ultra Ball even though it was a low-CP Chansey.

True enough. She broke free and fled after one ball!

As I left the place, a lady told her friend the same thing,"One ball and she ran away ..."

Sigh ...

It's the first Chansey I didn't manage to catch.

As I was walking back, I felt a little disheartened. To add insult to injury, I noticed that Snorlax was at a mall two train stations away. As I was lamenting to my friend about it, the idea struck me,"Hey, I am near the train station. I can give Snorlaxa try!" and off I went.
The big boy who rarely disappoints after my disappointing Lapras catch and my fleeing Chansey!

Night came and I dozed off on the couch. William shook me,"Eh eh! Got Charizard where we got Porygon leh!"

Huh ... ??

Oh okay ...

I put on my running shoes and walked quickly to the designated spot with him and caught a pathetic Charizard.
At 12am, you'd think people are supposed to be asleep.

It was awfully crowded with a line of vehicles at the turn of the road. Honking has become a usual feature where rare mons reside.

Then I needed the toilet at a mall nearby. Although there was an Arcanine beside it, I didn't mean to catch it. 

But the crowd that followed made it impossible to resist.
While I am at the rares, I might as well mention that I also nabbed a Porygon yesterday earlier in the day.

I had cooked fusilli for lunch following the recipe I posted.

As Baby and I were eating, a Twitter notification about a Porygon's appearance some minutes of run away came.

As I rushed out of the door, I saw Baby putting a cover over my bowl of pasta to keep it warm!

How can I not love her?

So there you go, my day of rare catches!

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