Monday, 10 October 2016


The world of Pokemon players would have known that the God-sent sgpokemap has been down since last Friday night.

I have tried using Go Radar as an alternative but I realised it doesn't show 90% of the mons! And when it does show any, the time left is often too little for me to run to the mons.

This morning, I saw Lickitung in my Sightings window.
I decided to run to the pokestops it has ever spawned at, but it was quite tiring as it has spawned at different pokestops for the three or four times it spawned at my place.

After running about for more than five minutes, I finally found it outside a multi-storey carpark, a new spawning spot!
I met another player looking for Lickitung and directed him to the spot.

Without a good map, it's really exhausting and sometimes disappointing in the search for the mons.

Because of the frequent spawning of rare mons in my neighbourhood, I would imagine them spawning lonely at certain spots and only privy to those living in those areas while the rest of us are none the wiser.

I hope sgpokemap will be back. 

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