Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Filial Piety is Dead

I have lost count on the times I pay more than my share, or pay my sisters' or siblings' share of my father's medical bills.

I received a call from a bill-chasing company on behalf of Mount Elizabeth Hospital, asking me for an outstanding payment of $16, 900.

I was shocked beyond words.

After some unpleasant dealings with Mount E Hospital, I had thought we had settled the payment last year. We split the bills and paid individually, but I soon found out that the deductible amount in my elder sister's Medisave account has not been touched.

My elder sister scolded me for being a busybody and told me to ignore the call in future.

I called the lady back and asked her to check on the Medisave deduction.

Today, I received another call from a bill-chasing company, for an outstanding payment of about $650. This amount was meant to be paid by my third sister. I had asked my three younger siblings to ask her to pay as we do not have very cordial relationship especially when it comes to money. Apparently, none of them wanted to get involved, so I had to do the dirty job.

I also reminded them that he is our father and each of us is responsible for him. I should not be the one shouldering everything.

True enough. My third sister responded,"Cos we didn't decide on class b ward and claim that insurance would cover only to split the costs later."

I asked her if the same reason applies for my father's regular hospital visits which she hasn't paid me for the last two, that she didn't agree to having my father see a doctor on a regular basis.

She left the chatgroup without responding.

So basically, everything can be pushed to me by saying,"I didn't agree to send him to Mount E/SGH/Ward B/the doctor."

Am I the only one who thinks that it's the children's duty to take care of ailing parents?

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