Monday, 11 July 2016

Fooling Around With Scammers

By now, I reckon about 80% of handphone owners in Singapore have received the scammer DHL parcel call/s.

I received once on my handphone and twice on my landline. Each time, it was a Chinese recording claiming that it was calling from DHL company and asking me to press a button. I hung up every time.

William always has some time to spare for scammers though.

He had his virgin experience with a scammer when we were walking on the street.

Scammer: 我这里是999警察总部。(I am calling from 999 the police headquarter.)

William: 警察总部?我很怕咧!我犯了什么法?!! (Police headquarter? I am very scared! What crime have I committed?!!)

Scammer: *click*

William: Stupid PRC. Police headquarter don't speak Mandarin lah.

His second encounter was when he was at home.

William: (concerned) Huh? 我有犯法的东西在包裹里啊?是什么东西?(I have illegal stuff in my parcel? What can it be? )

Scammer: 请问你的名字是什么?(Can I have your name?)

William: 我的名是William xxx. (It's William xxx) (real name).

Scammer: ... (skeptical) 你的华文名是什么?(Can I have your Chinese name?)

William: 我没有华文名。我是爱尔兰人。(I don't have a Chinese name. I am an Irish.)

Scammer: Huh?

William: 我是爱尔兰人。我的护照是爱尔兰的。(I am an Irish. I hold an Irish passport.)

Scammer: *click*

William: She asked me not to put down the phone but she put down the phone.

From these two encounters, we conclude that the scammers have experienced enough nonsense over the phone, so much so that they are quick to hang up the phone on the ones they wanted to scam.

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