Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Jenny Bakery's Oh-I'm-in-Heavens Butter Cookies

Have you heard or read about, or even tasted, the heavenly Jenny Bakery's butter cookies?
(I'm sure you have.)

The skeptical me rarely buys something to try even when the whole world has raved over it. 'One man's meat is another's poison" is my daily mantra. Of course, this mantra becomes a much regurgitated refrain after some misadventures with what others rave over eg. Ah Zong Mee Sua.

I have read a few forummers commenting that Jenny Bakery bakes awesome cookies but having tasted a variety of butter cookies in my life - since butter cookies are my favourite kind of cookies, I have long concluded that butter cookies are dry and hard biscuits made with generous amounts of butter. 

I saw this cute and pretty cookie tin sitting innocuously on the dining table one morning. Within the petite and shallow circular tin lay an assortment of cookies, beckoning greedy fingers to pick them up. So I obliged, choosing one that looked like a butter cookie. Chocolate cookies are too sweet for my liking.

As the cream coloured cookie entered my mouth and my teeth sank into it, I was amazed at how 'unbiscuit' it felt! It was not dry or hard like the cookies I have tried most of the time. It was not exactly melt-in-your-mouth either, but the bite was in between both worlds: just the nice texture to bite on but breaks readily into bits the moment you sink your teeth in, and the bits melt in your mouth upon contact with your saliva. Oh heavens!

The light yellow exterior made the cookie look deceivingly subtle but the rich butter taste was unmistakable and impeccable! I felt like I was eating a genuine butter cookie indeed!

As you can see, I enjoyed the cookies so much I almost didn't leave any to take a picture with, for all the fond memories they were worth!

Facebook saved this quarter-eaten cookie!

If you take a good look at the cookie, you will see that it is made in a shape of a flower, with soft wave-like designs as its petals. I never knew the formation of a cookie contribute that immensely to the palate and visual pleasure until I tried Jenny Bakery! 

I am a butter cookie person so it may not be fair for me to comment on the coffee-, and chocolate-, flavoured cookies which were also in the cookie box. Baby loved them though. 

I decided we had had enough and left a few pieces of coffee and chocolate cookies untouched.

However, the next time I opened the pretty tin, it was down to two miserable chocolate cookies. 

Baby lapped them up.

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