Friday, 1 July 2016

Universal Studio in Hot June Summer

This is probably our third or fourth visit to the Universal Studio Singapore but because I don't take many (close to 'any', actually) rides, I find USS quite a bore except for the photography opportunities. 

We last went in the last week of the June holidays. The girls have been home most of the time so a USS was in order.
The pudgy me finally having a photo with the Universal Globe!

My only comfort is taking a picture with someone fatter than I!

While waiting for the man of the house to purchase the tickets

Usually, our trip to USS would start from Madagascar, but this time, we started our fun from the other spectrum and it happened to be Sesame Street, something that had been new for some time but we had never tried.

We queued in the dark 
It was a safe and slow roller coaster that was just right for me

I seriously can't remember what we saw

But there were some gentle turns and bumps along the way, that I am sure
Next, we watched a Steven Spielberg's production at 'Lights Camera Action' which Baby had not watched.  

 Baby was astounded at how real it felt

A glorious showcase of my double chin, flabby arm, protruding tummy and thunder thighs against the trim and fit Fast and Furious star 
We went on this 3D ride
3D glasses are in order
I thought I would die from the constant silly shaking and dizzying vibration

As usual, the dare devil had to ride on both Human and Cyclon at Battlestar Galactica

I can never understand why she doesn't fear that she might get thrown out of her seat and die a horrifying death,"These people who buckle you are not your loved ones. They are only strangers. They may not check properly and you may get flung out and hit something or fall from great heights and die!"

For the first time, we didn't take my favourite ride at the theme park

I demanded to know why she flew low with her father while she had insisted on flying 'as high as possible' with me!

'Should we eat here?'
'I remember the food was awful.'
'Ya, look at the leftovers. They must be terrible.'

Spicy food at the Ancient Egypt was a no-no
We had our meal at Star-Bot Cafe at Sci-Fi City
Fried rice with salmon 
Not my dish of rice 
Chicken with coconut rice
The chicken was, surprisingly, more tender than it looked

We enjoyed this the last time we came, so we had to go again
We came out all wet so we slot a $5 note into the drying machine and dried ourselves in the oven-like human dryer.

I was scared of taking the Canopy Flyer the last time but Baby enjoyed it so William had to join her on the ride

Then I waited as the three brave souls took this children's roller coaster at Enchanted Airways
The turns still looked terrifying to me. How can it be a 'children's roller coaster'? It's illegal!

Almost her favourite ride at the USS: Revenge of the Mummy

The girls insisted on having a 'moody shot' under a little arch
How is it moody? Only they know!

Eating Ben & Jerry's like a king!

They never got sick of watching the Shrek's 4D Adventure movie
But I sat on a seat that didn't have the spiders tickling my legs again! 
Hmm ... I think I look better in this one. Leg bent, tummy covered up and hand 'naturally' placed over the protruding object. My double chin though!
 The girls cam-whored at the frog prince fountain.
Not sure why  
Maybe all girls have this hidden desire to meet their frog prince, regardless the ages?
A final picture in front of the Shrek's Castle before we left for the night

'Hey, we missed out Madagascar this time round!'
How do you like my thunder thighs and flabby calves?

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