Sunday, 3 July 2016

Things That Make Me Irrevocably Fat

I have never been a fan of Starbucks. 

I have always felt it was an overpriced coffeeshop selling exorbitantly priced coffees and teas. Of course, their cakes too!

It started on a morning when I was waiting for Coco to finish her business in school and I had nothing to do, with nowhere to go.

I settled myself at this Starbucks and naturally, it was only decent to buy something to occupy a seat at a cafe.

Classic Glazed Doughnut
I saw this through the display window. It looked pretty sitting on display and it had a name associated with 'original' and a sense of nostalgia - 'classic'. It must be some old and gold stuff at Starbucks, I thought. So I asked and paid for it.

What a disappointment. What 'classic?' I prefer the $1 doughnut sold at nameless bakeries anytime, man!

'Glazed' was right. Hard and (too) sweet indeed. Never again will I try it.
Blueberry Crumble Muffin
I tried this for a tunch and liked it, except the passion fruit purée (?) in the centre of the muffin. The muffin itself is nicely dried on the outside but moist on the inside. It would be perfect without the passion fruit bit.
Chocolate Coffee Chiffon Cake
I tried this because my limited taste bud for the sweets ran out of options amidst the myriad of choices in Starbucks.

The chocolate chiffon was acceptably sweet but the thick layer of chocolate that enveloped the cake was too sweet for my liking. 
White Chocolate Yuzu Chiffon Cake
I was worried this would be overly sweet when I read 'white chocolate' but I decided to take the plunge and try it as the chocolate version was too sweet for me, but it proved to be superior to its darker counterpart.

The white chocolate layer was less sweet than the original chocolate and the Yuzu zing was subtle and refreshing. It remains my favourite item on the list whenever I go to Starbucks.

Croque Madame Puff
I was a huge fan of Coffeebean & Tea Leaf's Croque Madame before it was removed from the breakfast menu, so I was seduced by the name although it certainly didn't look half as appetising as Coffeebean's version.

It was quite 'chewy' to pull apart and this property lent itself to the actual chewing as well - too flat and not half as hot and piping a Croque Madame should be.

Tried it once and I am done with it.
Rosemary Chicken & Emmental Cheese Croissant
I had this only because it was probably the best out of the worst items on the $6 breakfast menu then.

It was, at best, edible and it won't be the first thing I dived for at Starbucks.
Grilled Chicken, Mushroom, Spinach & Egg Sandwich (I think)

This did not leave an impression with me as I found it so awful I demanded William to eat it instead. He, on the other hand, was appalled that I had forced him to eat something so terrible.

We swore never to place an order for this again!

I have since tried other muffins and a few cheesecakes that taste nothing out of the ordinary. 

I am still not a huge fan of coffee but I usually ask for a Cuppiccino or Mocha Ice-blended at Starbucks if I need to order a drink.

Since my numerous tastebud adventures with Starbucks, I've come to realise that it's the ambience, constructed by the lighting, furniture, mood and whatnots, that entices 'fans' to stick around here. The food is acceptable most of the time but not fantastic. Of course I know 'cool to be at Starbucks' rather than a peasant's foodcourt or even Yakun is the main incentive. 

I am still not a fan of Starbucks but it's no longer a place I shun. 

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