Sunday, 17 July 2016

Hear What You Want To Hear

I learnt that people hear what they want to hear and different people see things differently from a real story I told them.

My story goes like this:

I know of an independent volunteer who started doing voluntary work all by herself. She started by selling all her branded bags away to exchange rice for the poor. Today, she has an independent voluntary organisation that runs on voluntary basis and purely depends on human efforts to clean flats for those who are unable to do it themselves, calling out for item donation whenever necessary. No monetary donation is involved. Every Sunday morning, she and her volunteers spend a few hours knocking on doors, asking if people need help. 

She didn't do any voluntary work for the school of her choice though. Her husband did. So they got a shot at Phase 2B at P1 registration.

However, they were unsuccessful at balloting.

But they live within 1km of the school so they got another shot at balloting for the school at Phase 2C.

Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful again.

But all was not lost. Their child was offered a seat as the principal wanted to be inclusive to the lady who has been helping the poor and the destitute in Singapore all these years. 

Incidentally, the school is also Baby's school.

When I told this story to my elder sister, her response was:

It's as if getting your kids into the school is your only achievement. You always talk about the school like it's a big deal to get in.

When I told it to William, he said:

She did the voluntary work for networking purpose and it paid off.

When I told it to my fifth sister, she said:

Wow, that's truly 好人有好报 (kind people will be rewarded in due time)!

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