Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Infuriating, Women-Objectifying NUS Sexualised Games

The New Paper ran an article about NUS students running camps with atrociously 'sexualised games' yesterday.

Incidentally, quite recently, Coco shared with me about how the boys in some of her social WhatsApp chat groups post pictures of their private parts on the chat.

I was outraged, naturally, "It's wrong! You should leave the chat group."

Unfortunately, Coco refused. She claimed that anyone who leaves the chat groups would be ostracised and she did not want to be left with no friends or social circles.

She went further than that,"Mum, my friends and I think there's nothing wrong with being prostitutes."

When I put up a feeble defense along the line of "Prostitution is wrong", she dismissed it with "Mum, that's YOUR generation. This is the way MY generation thinks now".

To me, "prostitution is wrong" is something that is as clear as day. I am not someone who is brilliant at laying out line-by-line arguments or even specific, logical arguments. I just know that something is not right without knowing how to defend my position. It's like "It's wrong to lie/gamble/steal/kill." I know they are wrong but I don't think of eloquent ways to word why they are wrong. Wrong means wrong lah! I find it even ridiculous I need to justify why they are wrong. But my inability to justify why prostitution is wrong was a stumbling block at that moment.

For all he's worth, William stepped into the living room to hear our debate on whether prostitution is right. He told Coco a story about how a friend who often flies overseas for work and some female fresh graduates who work for the company would offer to go overseas with him. He always turns them down (whether it's true, I do not know) as his stand is such that "if you can sell your own body, what else can't you sell?" He thinks such girls may even sell company secrets to their rivals.

That did conclude the topic for the night but I doubt the pursed-lips teenager was fully convinced.

William was also agitated when he heard that trying to leave the obnoxious WhatsApp chat groups could lead to Coco being put out of school. He shouted,"Which friend is that? I'll make sure he's expelled from school!" Coco ran back to her room!

Looks like peer pressure to be in social circles is very real among teenagers still. Some things never change, whether it's YOUR generation or MY generation.

Back to the NUS's disgusting camps, what I find even more infuriating is those creeps' idiotic self-righteous 'confessions' on NUS Whispers Facebook page:
The cheek of them to call those who dare to stand up for their beliefs and values 'brats'!

I totally agree with comments that stated those who organised the sexualised camps must be porn addicts who see nothing wrong or perverted with playing these 'games'. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. I am sure such perverted ideas do not bore out of nowhere. I shudder to think what the seniors who planned and organised these demeaning 'games' have been surfing, watching, looking at or doing to even think that these are simply 'games'. Very warped values they have!

I also agree that these confessors need to grow up and get their moral values right. These self-righteous pricks are bullies without a brain. It's scary that for all the knowledge they have in their pea brain, they know nuts about something as basic as invisible peer pressure. Don't they study General Paper these days? 

I am shocked the undergraduates who posted the above are unable to spare a thought for others, especially those who were coerced to join in under duress ("A group of us girls wanted to leave, but the orientation group leader stopped us and told us to finish playing the game."). The fault does not lie with the villain. The victim is to be blamed for not standing up to the villain. I am almost convinced the General Paper is not taught in the way I was. 

And there are those who actually have the cheek to say that such nonsense is a 'tradition' in the campus:

This kind of tradition, you can do without, kids! And self-righteous pricks calling others self-righteous, wow!

I think someone needs to tell this sex-deprived joker that adulthood is not all about sex:

"Such camps are meant for you to grow up". News flash: Your seniors all grew up a lot better than you without such camps, dude! 

The more I read the confessions on NUS Whispers, the more disheartened I am about our undergraduates today. It used to be that undergraduates were the smart learners, eloquent speakers and know their values right too. What has manifested from the camp activities is the lack of moral values in our youths today. They also come across as being crass, vulgar and childish. What I read totally inverted my impression of an NUS undergraduate. A VAST difference from the undergraduates of yesteryear. 

Another shocker is the institute where the 'games' are 'played': NUS (yes, I read the caption under the push-up picture that it's from SIM, but the paper was running a report on NUS no less).

The staff are actually aware of these lewd activities being run in the school compound for the last ten years and nothing has been done about it! Doesn't that mean the university consent to or approve of the activities? Does it mean that NUS share the same backward thinking as the the seniors who came up with the sickening activities that objectify girls? Is Singapore still a third-world nation in terms of its gender treatment or mentality since students at the higher education institution behave like animals? Shocking!

Above all, must social media be activated before something is done? Is there something wrong with our society? Do we do the right thing only when there's a big hoo-haa?


Karmeleon said...

and my girl says that these OGLs are trash bags. :p She said thankfully their orientation in hostel was not like that last time. Seems like these were either faculty or club orientation camps - didn't seem to have had those during my time either - only rag/flag.

Rain said...

Ya, it seems to be faculty-specific, but even if only one camp plays such games, it's still wrong. The youths today have become so self-centred that they think what they do has nothing to do with the uni, not knowing their action reflects badly on their institution. Hope their stupidity will be put to a stop soon.

Karmeleon said...

Actually the Hostel orientations in the "old" days - according to my Husb were quite bad. Disgusting too.