Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Salt Egg Yolk Chicken Burger

Have you tried the latest McDonald's creation, Salted Egg Yolk Chicken Burger

I tried it the night before last night despite reading a friend's husband's review that it was "tasteless". I had read a friend's friend's Facebook review saying that it was delicious, but she advised her friends to ask for more sauce.

So I asked William to request for more sauce. He placed an order at the counter instead of the self-service machine so as to make the request. 

The sauce was indeed aplenty. It was creamy with a tinge of sweetness. Not 'tasteless' as what my friend's husband had claimed.

The chicken patty itself was different from the usual McChicken patty. It was succulent and juicy. The meat tasted more like thigh meat. I gave William my favourable review and egged him to get one for himself. He figured food that I deem 'good' should not be too bad since I am a picky eater. He tried it subsequently and agreed that it was indeed better than McChicken.

I enjoyed the Salted Egg Yolk Chicken Burger so much I returned to another McDonald's at Serene Centre to have it for lunch yesterday despite being on a diet.
That was when I realised different outlets prepared their salted egg yolk sauce differently!

If you compare this burger with the first picture above, you will see that the sauce is thicker and seemingly richer in this one. However, I thought the first burger with the watery sauce tasted richer, with the tinge of sweetness slightly stronger. Although this one appears to have thicker, more gooey sauce, the taste is blander. You know how it is like to crave for a particular food once you have tasted it good? That was how I felt when I ate the first one, but after eating this, it instantly watered down my appetite for the burger. 

My original verdict for the burger was:

Go try it. And remember to ask for more sauce.

Now I am not so sure. I would probably add:

Depending on the outlet, you may or may not experience satisfaction.

If you pay for the meal touted as having a 'local flavour', it comes with a banana pie and a packet of curly fries, William thought the pie tasted like some delicious goreng pisang while I 'urghhh' at the thought of having a fast food item tasting like what you buy at a Malaysian pasar malam stall.

As for the curly fries that are created alongside the burger, I say 'skip it' and opt for the $7.60 value-meal that comprises of the normal fries and a drink.

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