Friday, 6 August 2010

After 9 long years ...

I went for an interview at another school.

Before I became a teacher, I often job-hopped. The longest I could stay in a company is exactly one year. Not a day more. I think much as I deny, I do have some sort of restlessness within me. I am bored by the same operation day in, day out. When I feel I've seen enough of a place or learnt the operation of the company, I would need to seek a new pasture to graze on.

The current school is one that I've stayed the longest in my job history. Make that 3.5 years at the end of this year. I didn't mind the comfort zone so much as many things are rather laissez faire and the colleagues are the nicest I've come across so far. However, this year, everything takes a nosedive with a change of the 2nd chief-in-command and English Head.

Each of these new people gave new loads of work. Both apparently need a quick build-up of their portfolio so that they have something to show to their bosses. However, the works are done by those below, like me. I feel exhausted really. I'm creating things that teachers from other schools have never even imagined, and I myself feel ridiculous about them.

I am one of the more efficient people in terms of meeting deadlines, but when work becomes meaningless, it becomes cumbersome and dreary to do.

Having taught in four different, yet similar schools has also made me think of going to a better school to teach.

I had two interviewers ie. the vp herself and the aesthetics head.

The young and pretty aesthetics head seemed keen on me. Her comments were kind and encouraging while the vp behaved quite coldly. I had thought she sounded nice over the phone, so it's quite a surprise that she is so different in reality.

The interview took 20 minutes. Most of the time, I was the one doing all the talking. I had wished they asked me,"Do you have any question for us?"

But there wasn't.

The vp thanked me for coming down to the interview - I take that quite negatively actually. It's like saying,"Thank you for your time, but we don't need you." But I try to be neutral about it - it's only polite to thank anyone for travelling to your school for an interview, right?

But like what my neighbour commented,"It's only an interview and you're so tired from the journey. If you really have to travel such a distance every day, how?"

That's also my worry. But I'll keep my fingers crossed that whether I am successful at the interview, I will accept it with serenity. As I age, I start to believe that whatever happens is already in God's plan. So if I move, something must be instored for me; if I stay, it's probably for my good - the new place could be worse.

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