Saturday, 7 August 2010


Last Saturday night, we went Aston's at Sembawang Shopping Centre for our dinner. I would call it 'a cheap version of Buckeroo', but sometimes, 'cheap' may not be all that bad.

The long queue that greeted us
Coco's cream of mushroom. It's almost her must-have whenever we eat western.

My ice chocolate, a cheaper and less delicious version of Buckeroo's Chocolate Milkshake

William had Chargrill Chicken with tasty rice and onion rings

I like the Marilyn Monroe mole on her - a remnant of charred crust from the Chargrill Chicken

My medium-rare Xtra Cut Ribeye with whipped potato and onion rings. 'Xtra Cut' simply means 'A bigger portion of'.

In case I'm accused of being a glutton (which I really am), Coco and I shared the ribeye, although I was the 'main' eater.
Smaller in size, less tasty than Buckeroo, but passable nonetheless
We like Aston's signature chicken wings

"Look, Ma, I finished my mushroom soup!"

Overall, Aston's is a cheap, average western restaurant. For someone who doesn't fancy western food, I don't mind Aston's. Food is passable. I need to qualify that my 'passable' really means 'can do'. Better than just being 'edible'.

Having tasted similar but better food at Buckeroo, it is not fair to compare the two, honestly. For the same order, eg. ribeye, Buckeroo prices theirs at close to $40 per serving (good for 2 average adults) while Aston's ribeye is at least half the price cheaper (can't remember the exact) only $14.50 and just nice for an adult.

In terms of taste, we agree that Buckeroo's is definitely superior, like the ribeye - Aston's medium rare is slightly harder than Buckeroo's, but then again, we associate the better and more tender taste with the heftier price tag.

Will I go there again? Definitely! It's an eating place I don't mind returning to. In fact, it's our third time there. It's good for a night when you don't mind average western food. Okay, make that 'slightly better than average'.

Getting to Aston's:
1) Sembawang MRT Station
2) Take a free chartered bus at the bus-stop just in front of the MRT Station. Alternatively, take a short cab trip down to Sembawang Shopping Centre.

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