Sunday, 8 August 2010

My sister's birthday

Our parents have got themselves a trip up Genting over the long weekend. Following the ardent tradition of celebrating our parents' birthdays and the two parents' Days, the siblings decided to be united for once and celebrate our eldest sister's birthday in the same fashion last night.

We went all the way to Suntec's Tony Roma's.

My youngest sister reached there first, by train. And she took it upon herself to place an order for a Family Feast. How apt! But the portion was not enough for the big family of siblings.
Original Baby Backs in full slabs. Still not enough.
Steak in medium-rare. Still ...

Pork burgers for the kids. 'Very sour!' they squealed.

Onion rings
Baby in an attempt to imitate the older kids on biting the corn
"Why does it seem so easy with them?"
"Must practice good table manners: wipe my mouth after eating."
The people. We haven't had a shot together ever since the formally taken family portrait The kids excited over the kois
For a Chinese-foodie, I should think Tony Roma's is great. The ribs, steak and chicken are nothing short of tender and juicy, topped with complimentary-tasting sauce. Muu...aa!!!

For food like this, the price is equally juicy. More than $170 for what we ordered, and most of our stomachs were still half-full.

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