Friday, 6 August 2010

Coco's creation

Coco came home with a piece of good news for me: she had 90/100 for her floral art.

Apparently, the floral art teacher had given them flowers for a floral arrangement session. Before the teacher could instruct the students not to exchange flowers, Coco had already exchanged her flowers with many of her classmates and got a colourful variety in return.

Baby was intrigued by the flowers, and bit on a bud!

I am thoroughly impressed by Coco's natural flair for art.

I was an idiot at floral arrangement (and I still am). We had the opportunity to do floral arrangements at one of the Home Econs lessons when I was in Sec Two. I borrowed a plastic vase from a friend, bought some carnations and stuck them all in one standing bunch on the wet, green sponge. And didn't have a clue what was wrong with them, until some kind friend pointed out that I should have the green sponge covered. I remembered feeling,"Oh, so that's what floral arrangement is about - cover the green sponge!"

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