Friday, 6 August 2010

Racial Harmony Day

I bought this Japanese ethnic costume for Coco in Taipei last year, in anticipation of Racial Harmony Day. With Coco, I am often well-prepared as I try my best not to let her experience disappointment on important days. The try-to-be-100% mother in me doesn't want her to feel left out on such a day as this.
I'm quite the reverse when it comes to myself. The sarong kebaya was bought at People's Park Market just a night before Racial Harmony Day. I used to wear cheongsam for Racial Harmony Day. I guess I got sick of it and hated the idea that I could not get into my first $20-something cheongsam!
These are my ex-colleagues from another school, when I could fit into a cheap and nice cheongsam. I'm glad I found the picture that tells me it wasn't a figment of my imagination that I had a washboard tummy.

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