Friday, 6 August 2010


Last Saturday evening, I took Baby to Yishun's revamped-for-some-time North Point Shopping Centre. On the fourth floor of the older wing is a play area for toddlers and preschoolers. It includes both dry and wet play areas. Smaller than the one at Sembawang Shopping Centre which targets both preschoolers and older kids, but more enjoyable for Baby it seems.

Rules at the playground

At the dry garden-and-farm-themed playground:

A gigantic chick tussling with its meal On a gigantic grasshopper

Scratching the rough feeling of the playground surface off her feet on a butterfly First encounter with a ladybug
An apple tree, with an uneven, bump-the-bum slide
There goes her favourite! Went on this over and over again, till she didn't want to go home!
"I don't need Mummy's help!"
"Hmm ... the cow's too tall for me ..."
She loves driving a tractor
No fun being on the back of a chicken
"Let me down!"
"I want to get on this worm!"

"It's a caterpillar, dear." The wet playground Water-squirting car Crazy water pails that turn upside-down the moment they are filled to the brim Fancy a pelican shower?

Water-squirting froggie frame

My happy water baby
Playing with other children Running free in the wet playground

I was worried that Baby could fall sick as the weather was rather chilly with a slight drizzle earlier, but Baby became mightily stubborn at the wet playground. She refused to leave even when I threatened to leave without her. It was only when she saw that the waterworks had ceased that she stopped playing.


Getting to North Point Shopping Centre:

It's just beside Yishun MRT Station, linked by an underpass.

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