Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Let's go to the airport!

We took the kids to Changi Airport Terminal 3 yesterday.

The draw is mainly the Giant Slide - a much-hyped three-storey high slide at T3.
To qualify for the Giant Slide which is located at Level 1, Arrival Hall, you need to spend at least $30 in a single receipt at T3 for an entitlement of 2 rides. Alternatively, the kids can take the one-storey high slide, located at B2, for free, unlimited rides.

The slides are situated at a corner of the airport, beside an expansive dancing water fountain.

One-storey slide
The Giant Slide
Don't forget there's a height limit to adhere to!
There goes Coco!
All the way down!
"There's no kick in taking the shorter slide after trying the Giant Slide!"
Dancing water
A totally intrigued Baby
Hmm ... I hope it's not something she has witnessed
Toddlers' playground beside the Slide
Fun Rides for pre-schoolers only. Baby was too young to be able to step on the accelerator while Coco had passed the height limit.
"Nevermind, we'll go to the arcade."
Youth Olympics Games exhibition
Boxing Challenge
You need to produce a receipt of at least $10 for a try at the Trampoline. I used the same receipt that I had used for the Giant Slide from Dian Xiao Er.
"Fun but tiring!"
Soccer Challenge
Bouncing castle
We saw this beautiful floral display on our way to the T2-bound Skytrain
The little princess dolling herself up at Mini Princess, T2
Genuine flower collage of Vanda Miss Joaquim. Very beautiful!
Changi Aviation Gallery at T2. A lot of did-you-knows about the airport.
The spacious Changi Airport MRT Station
The crazy queue at T2 taxi stand made us take a train to elsewhere to take a cab.

Baby pole-dancing on the train

The Changi Airport is like a long-lost friend to me. I used to visit the airport rather frequently when I was a secondary school student as I was living in Tampines and there was a straight bus (No. 27) that went to the airport within 15 to 20 minutes. It was very quiet and tranquil and used to be a studying venue. There were even students studying in the quiet and conducive toilets. The airport was so popular as a studying place that the Viewing Gallery had an area cordoned off for studying.

However, all these have changed. The airport is now a place bustling with life and activities. The locals are the ones who throng the airport for a day of family outing. T3 especially, has a B2 Mall where you get to do some shopping. In fact, I bought a mini Japanese umbrella at one of the push carts there. There are loads of restaurants and shops, and even an NTUC at the Mall. It's a vision that's implanted many years ago - that the airport would become a family outing place. Now it's come true. Yet, I feel nolstagic and melancholic about the change. The airport that once 'belonged' to me is no more.

Getting to Giant Slide:
Level 1, Arrival Hall of T3
Price: Minimum spending of $30
Operating hours: 12pm to 10.30pm

Getting to the free slide, playground and fountain:
Basement 2 of T3
Operating hours of free slide: 12pm to 10.30pm

Getting to Fun Rides:
Basement 2, Carpark 3A
Prices: $3 to $8
Operating hours: 11am to 10pm

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