Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Dian Xiao Er 店小二

We ate at Dian Xiao Er at T3 so as to chalk up a receipt of at least $30 for the Giant Slide later on. Despite having had dinner at Dian Xiao Er the night before, I didn't mind having it again simply because I'm such a hard core Chinese food fan.
Seafood combo with vegetables and waterchestnut ($14.80)
The serving is quite small. I was expecting to see more florets of broccoli as per what had been shown on the menu. A nothing-out-of-the-ordinary dish.

Marmite Chicken Wings 妈蜜鸡翅皇 ($9.50)

Very hard. The chef broke up the mid-joints and the drumlets. For a while, I thought the shop had a different understanding of 'chicken wings' from me. I thought the meat was scraped to concentrate on one end of the bone but William commented that they looked like someone had scraped off some meat to use them for another dish.

Will never order this dish again.

Signature Dang Gui Duck 当归鸭 ($11.80)
We love the crispiness of the skin and the tasty sauce. The only dish we'd ever recommend to anyone.

With three servings of plain rice, and 2 drinks, the bill came up to $44.10.

I'm more forgiving when it comes to Chinese food, so despite the less-than-glowing comments, I will visit the restaurant again when I crave for their Dang Gui Duck.

I had tried their Xiao Kai Lan (小芥兰)the night before. Like how the rest of the Singapore cooks cook it, it's one hard vegetable I never really fancy.

Their Dong Po Meat (东坡肉) is another signature dish which I do not think is up to standard as a specialty. The lean meat is not soft enough and the fatty meat is not fat enough.

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