Monday, 29 August 2016

A Glimmer of Weight Loss Hope

I finally saw a '45' on the weighing scale! Yes, never mind even when it's closer to '46'?"!

I had been stuck with '47' for some weeks and the more I hoped to see a number smaller or lighter, the more dreadful it felt to see myself stuck at '47' and '47.1'. As if I would never get to '46', much less '45'!

I have to credit my weight loss to the elusive Pokemons.

I have downloaded two apps, Poke Alert and Go Radar, to allow me to see the rare Pokemons when they appear in my area.

Often, they appear in places I usually take a unhurried walk of 7 to 15 minutes to reach, but these apps show the Pokemons' appearance such that the player is given 5 to 7 minutes to get to the Pokemons! The longest time frame I was given for a Venusaur was 13 minutes. I jumped out of bed and ran-cum-walked-hurriedly to the spot and I managed to get there in good time, with about 2 minutes to spare.

There have been times when I was a few seconds late, or I managed to reach there in time but my avatar did not move close enough to the location for the Pokemon to appear, and I made wasted trips.

I have not run so fast and at such high frequency for the last twenty years, I believe. 

This morning, I saw a Lickytung ticking down at 6 minutes at a mall 7 minutes' quick walk from my house. I made a dash for it, but I missed it by a few seconds. 

In my despair, I checked out the Poke Alert app. To my pleasant surprise, I saw Lickytung at a block of flats two or three traffic lights away, and the clock started ticking at 8 minutes!

I geared myself up and walked quickly to the spot, half-running my way there. 

When I was down to the last two minutes, I sprinted to the place and found the Pokemon there at the last few seconds!

I was pooped! I started my way back to the mall when I checked the Poke Alert app again to make sure I wasn't missing out on any rare Pokemons before I left.

And I saw a Dratini ticking at 3 minutes at a school nearby!

I decided to try my luck and dashed to the spot.

Again, I caught the elusive Pokemon before it disappeared a few seconds later.

My legs were going jelly by then!

I realised I had covered more than 1km by foot in that short span of time!

Other Pokemons that had me run like that were Hitmonchan, Porygon, Venusaur, Jynx and a few others that I can't recall at hand. I caught some and missed others.

When you run so often, I guess it is possible to lose weight!

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