Sunday, 28 August 2016

Pikachus At Play

I saw from the Poke Alert app that a Pikachu was awaiting me to bring it into captivity, so I walked down a few blocks of flats and ventured into the slightly muddy grass field after a shower to look for it.

Another five or six other sillies like me were also searching for Pikachu in that wide expanse of green. 

After a little searching, there I found it with the help of the app!
A low-cp (combat power) Pikachu which warranted an effortless catch. 

After the easy catch, I saw a red Pikachu playing in the field:
Don't worry. No outrage of modesty there. She was wearing a pair of denim shorts. Her top was a little long though.

She was playing with her favourite plant, mimosa. The cutey kept saying it was a flower. I reminded her that the flower is pink and she was touching the leaves. She immediately responded,"Oh yah! The flower looks like a dandelion!"

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