Sunday, 14 August 2016

Magikarping at Night

Since it was a Saturday and I had a good experience in Pokemon-hunting at Yishun Park, I casually asked Coco if she would like to go hunting Pokemons with me last night.

She readily said yes. No, make that 'enthusiastically said yes'. 

I also invited my neighbour's son, Vincent, who has been teaching me about the hows and whys of Pokemon Go, to come along.

He was cycling with his tenant around our estate to look for rare Pokemons when Coco sent him a message about heading to Yishun Park. Upon hearing the invitation, he arrived at our place with his tenant-comrade in Pokemon hunting within ten minutes.

Since no one knew how to get there by train, which we thought could help hatch our Pokemon eggs as we made our way there on foot after alighting from the train, we hailed a cab.

Upon reaching the place, Coco told me that her friends were there too and proceeded to join them, with full intention to abandon me at the spot where we alighted! I was worried about her and followed her quick steps to a group of friends who had been sitting at the same place for hours. When quizzed, one of them explained that they knew Coco from playing online games. Within the next minute or so, Coco decided to walk around the park to hatch her virtual eggs. The poor, old me had to find a spot to stand in the sand pit to play my lonely game.

Fortunately, Vincent and his tenant found me in the sea of people much to my utter relief. I was glad I asked him along. When he knew Coco had abandoned me for her friends, he asked me,"Wouldn't you have been all alone if not for us?" which I whole-heartedly agreed.

Vincent was beyond surprise to see a large crowd at the venue. He repeatedly said,"Wow, this looks like Zouk-out!" 

During the game, we spoke a lot about what had happened in the past year, his upcoming graduation matter and our views on men, in particular how men put up a brave and good front before marriage and how quickly they 'transform' into another being after marriage. He also revealed the secret that he had bluffed me earlier on about the game level he was at, just to observe my incredulous reaction to his fast progression!

Having been neighbours for ten years, we have not chatted as much as we did in those two hours. 

In the gaming session, he also gave me more information about the evolved Pokemons to keep and the ones I should transfer or discard, but it became too complicated for my comprehension and I had to ask him to stop explaining!

I had collected forty to fifty Magikarp candies the previous night I was at Yishun Park. Since the place is apparently a Magikarp and Psyduck nest, I went on to collect more than 200 Magikarp candies to evolve the Magikarp with the highest combat power into Gyarados. Those who wish to collect Magikarps really ought to go there!

Throughout the night, Coco was missing in action. As a kind gesture, Vincent helped to contact Coco and updated me on her whereabouts. At one point, he said,"Coco is too much (for abandoning her mother)."

At 12.30am, the boys were tired from standing in the sand pit, so we called it a day after Coco returned with her friends who decided to make a move first.

This was part of the crowd the phone-camera frame could contain just right before we left:

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