Wednesday, 17 August 2016

We Must Be Crazy

I had slept early the night before and I woke up at 4am this morning.

I couldn't sleep after that and decided to do some chores before going down to inform the school bus driver at 5.30am that I would be taking Baby to and from school today. 

At 5.15am, I saw the silhouette of Snorlax, one of the rarer Pokemons, in my 'sightings' window at 5.15am. For those who don't play the game, a sightings window tells you that the listed Pokemons are within 200m of your radius for about 15 minutes.

Vincent, my neighbour's son, had taught me how to use the sightings window: Keep walking in a direction. If you are walking in the right direction, the Pokemon will show up. If you lose the Pokemon in the sightings window, that means you are walking in the wrong direction and you should walk in the other direction. If you see Pokemon Go players walking around, ask them if they have seen it. Chances are, they would have captured it themselves and would be willing to share where they found it.

Since Snorlax is so rare that Pokemon Go players would travel to other parts of the island just to look for it, I decided to try and look for it in my area.

I started walking in the direction of a particular Pokestop which I had caught a one or two Pokemons from the sightings window yesterday, but suddenly, Snorlax disappeared from my radar.

I turned back immediately and saw a smoker walking in my direction, holding his handphone and swiping his phone upwards. I decided to try my luck and asked if he had seen Snorlax. He pointed to the playground next to where we were standing and said,"Yes. I saw it there." I thanked him and moved towards the playground. Before I went further, he raised his voice a little,"229 only." referring to Snorlax's Combat Power.

I continued to walk down the slope towards the playground and before I reached it, my phone vibrated and lo and behold! Snorlax was just standing behind the Pokestop, huge and smiley.

Made a few attempts and finally caught it.
The guy was still waiting for me back there. When I returned to where we first met, he asked,"Did you get it?" I smiled and replied and shouted back,"Yes! 1761!" 

He asked further,"Did you use an 'incense'?"
I answer,"No."
He was surprised,"No incense also can ah?"

As I walked back, I thought to myself,"Someone is as crazy as I am - came out at 5.15am to catch a Pokemon !"

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