Saturday, 13 August 2016

Pokemon Hunting at Yishun Park

While the girls were sleeping at home, William and I were having a late dinner in Yishun last night when a novel idea struck me. I suggested we venture into the nearby Yishun Park for a popular Pokemon hunting spot where there are four Pokestops. Besides Hougang Blk 401 where hundreds of players congregate for the constant setting of lure modules and rare Pokemons, Yishun Park is also a hot venue as I found out on an online news report earlier in the day.

We took quite a long walk which helped to hatch my 10km eggs that were one to two kilometres short of hatching.

And we saw this:

The app indicated that we were too far from the four Pokestops we had come for, so we moved nearer

Soon, we were right in the centre of hordes and hordes of youngsters who sounded like they were aged between 18 to 25.

I don't know about William but I felt a little embarrassed that an auntie like me was in the midst of youths playing the same game, using expletives liberally in their conversations and poking fun at one another. It was more like a friends' gathering for them. From the bottom of my heart, I felt an immense sense of envy for the young people today. They have no lack of activities to do and places to go with their friends. 

I whispered to William that we must be the oldest among the hundreds there. But for the sake of the Pokemons, I gritted my teeth and put up with the immense embarrassment. 
See my avatar? That was where I was standing to catch the appearing Pokemons.

Lots of Magikarps to catch as the venue is beside a huge pond, according to William. I must have caught about thirty to forth of them in that short span of time!  Psyduck was another high-appearance-rate Pokemon there. A few low-combat power Dratinis to catch for the purpose of transference too. Other common Pokemons there were Slowpoke, Rattata, Weedle, Eevee, Spearow and of course, Pidgey. Quite a variety. I was sick of catching Magnemides, Voltorps and the evasive Zulbats at home so the change in high-frequency Pokemons was welcomed. But besides Dratini, there was nothing I rarely see at home. The Dratini I had caught back home had higher combat power too. The advantage the place had was the four Pokestops which ensured a continuous supply of Pokemons for catching.

We stood rooted to the sandpit for two hours, till 1am, when my handphone's battery dwindled to 5%.

Before we left, hundreds of youngsters were still there.

It is good to be young.

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