Monday, 15 August 2016

About Going Back to Work

I received a missed call from my last school last Friday.

I stared at the number for two seconds but did not have the courage to call back.

The fear that I would be requested or informed about something work instilled some stress in me.

I shared with my friend that the school called when she came over to catch Pokemons. She asked if it could be possible that the school was trying to ask if I was available to be a relief staff. Then she asked if I had received any information about my posting for the following year.

A sudden brief fear seized me. I wondered aloud if the call was to inform me that I have been posted back to the same school. 

And I had a bad dream the very night:

Coco informed me that the school had called. She tried telling them that I could not come to the phone but the school didn't back down. Instead, the caller told her to let me know that if I didn't return to be a relief staff for the next school term, I would be posted back to the same school next year!

It sounded horrifying to me and I woke up startled.

I felt unbearably thirsty and went to the kitchen to pour myself a glass of water to calm myself down.

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